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What Does Google Know About Me?

What Does Google Know About Me?


By Thomas F. La Vecchia, MBA

It’s safe to say that most of us use search engines such as Google as the go-to when in search of general information, answers, products, venues and countless other things. But what if someone is searching you? If you can find everything you need on Google, it has to be asked, can someone find anything they need to know about you?

When consulting for companies who claim to be utilizing digital marketing I have them do a quick exercise. “Type in the name of your company here,” I tell them, pointing to the search box on Google. Often times, people are in shock of the results that are generated; bad customer reviews, old websites, social media accounts thought to be deactivated…and the list goes on. A large part of digital marketing is reputation management, and the same goes for individuals.

As we sign up for online services, open social media accounts, blog, comment and share we are leaving footprints all over the web. Results generated by typing your name into Google can be shocking. Old photos under Google Images, various accounts you have opened over the years and social media properties are all following your name.

The power of Google isn’t going anywhere, so instead of being fearful of the loss of (what many deem as) privacy, people today need to learn how to control what’s out there. Search Engine results can affect job prospects, personal relationships and can even to lead identity theft.

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Learning about Google is highly recommended. Certain features like Google Alerts, checking your search results often, controlling the information you share and finally being aware of how websites use your information, is something to stay on top of in the digital age.

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