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Jim Kaplove & Jessica Morgan – Innovative Real Estate Team

Jim Kaplove & Jessica Morgan – Innovative Real Estate Team


By Isaiah Negron

It is said that when living in New York City, you are always looking for either a job, a partner or a place to live. Though the first two can be more elusive to even the savviest New Yorkers, finding a home you love can not only be easy, but it can be exhilarating as well. Jim Kaplove and Jessica Morgan, Team Kaplove Morgan of Halstead Property, bring an inventive attitude to real estate, giving clients that thrill of finding a new place to call home. “A home represents the kind of life you want to live,” says Jessica. “And given its cost, a home and the value it gains represents, in a very concrete way, the life you will be able to live.” The duo has become a formidable force in the real estate realm.

James Kaplove, ambitious financial executive whose successful career extends over 35 years, combines his quick thinking and technical real estate know-how with that of Jessica Morgan, a spirited and equally driven real estate agent who has just been nominated by the National Association of Professional Women for their Executive Professional Woman of the Year Award. James’ multifaceted experience in the financial and real estate worlds gives his clients the assurance that they are in the hands of a seasoned professional who is focused on efficiency and results.  Jessica’s fresh energy and innovative strategies have allowed the team to expand into unchartered areas, employing social media outlets to utilize vivid images and interactive videos. They now offer clients real estate capabilities far above the norm and are rapidly expanding their demographic to include a younger clientele. “We’ve heard a lot of people say both to us and others ‘Jessica and James are an experience,’” James remarks. “They know that we really care, and not just about the sale.”

In addition to their novel real estate strategies, Team Kaplove Morgan make the extra effort to get to know their clients and give them that sense of home while still looking for one. “You need to interact in order for people to transact,” Jessica says. “The key element to out partnership is to offer all of our clients service and loyalty. We’re client-centric.” Always making themselves available for their clients, they work day and night doing their best to achieve results. “It’s all about meeting and exceeding what our clients wants,” comments James. Their winning combination has begun to make their mark in New York City and they are always looking for new ways to be advocates for their clients. “We do whatever it takes to help them understand and see potential, yet stay comfortable with their budget,” says James. Jessica adds, “Home is not just a physical place. It’s where your life is.” •

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