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Paint is over people! Well, not really, but Wallpaper is hot in design and there are so many stylish options available. Why is paper so popular all of the sudden? We are bored…we need to break up all of the grey and beige in which we have saturated our spaces. We want our homes to be warm, inviting, and reflective of our cool selves. Here’s a round-up of the chicest wallcoverings out there…


Flavor Paper


From the Flavor Paper x Andy Warhol Collection, inspired by Warhol’s 1984 ink blot paintings.





Inspired by NASA photography of moonscapes and uninhabited space

Black Crow Studios

Lisbon Umbrellas

Design by photographer Gray Malin, who takes aerial shots creating a whole new perspective of beaches all over the world.



Floral yet moody, a large scale print that make a soft and mysterious impression.



Lear Gaukur

Combining nature and color, this richly illustrated fantastical artwork makes a vibrant wall covering by Kristjana S. Williams



See Also
See Also

Crumbled Trees

Painterly trees, by Chicago­based designer No l Ashby, take root in a modern forest where metallic gold branches grow.

Selections by Dapper Homme’s founder Kate Bidinger. Dapper Homme is an interior design and concierge service for busy professionals. Accessible tiered packages for customized living solutions.

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Quick Tips:

1. Don’t toss the scraps after installation. Use as drawer liners, bookcase backing, book covers, envelopes, and gift wrap.

2. Call a professional installer. This is not the time to risk ruining expensive papers, ending up with a botch job, because you watched an HGTV episode where it looked easy.

3. Use a wallpaper calculator to figure out how much you will need, then double check with your installer or interior designer.

4. Request a sample from the maker. Put the paper on the wall for a few days to make sure you can live with it and that you don’t tire of the print immediately.

5. Entryways and guest bathrooms are the best place to use a big bold pattern
or color. You will get endless compliments and props for your decorating risk­taking abilities!


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