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French in the Heart of Brooklyn

French in the Heart of Brooklyn


By Spencer Bisticer

While it may be difficult to select a restaurant in Brooklyn, one of the most densely populated areas for fine cuisine, if you are as much a fan of French food like myself, French Louie is an easy choice. The decor alone seems to transport its customers; it was no surprise that with its French-American inspired cuisine the food harked to the land of gastronomy’s birthplace, France.

I began with the roasted carrot and citrus salad. This was no ordinary salad. Sweet and tart – it was the perfect combination for a pre-meal course. The salad was garnished with coconut, pistachios and the most delicious yogurt-based vinaigrette I have ever tasted. My dinner companion began with a French specialty: snails “Marchand de Vin.” The escargots were served in a wine sauce with cured bacon and oyster mushrooms. Each bite of the plump and succulent flesh was mixed with the salty fattiness of the bacon and woodsy flavor of the oyster mushroom; it was truly one of the most composed dishes I have ever had.

Following the salad, I asked my waiter to suggest his favorite entree. He brought out the bavette steak with French fries. As someone who regularly eats red meat, I can tell you that this was an incredibly prepared dish. The steak itself was top quality, and was served with very little fat. French Louie has its own steak sauce, which adds the perfect amount of flavor to the dish. This was one of the juiciest steaks and it was perfectly complemented with the skinny French fries on the side.050520144

My dinner companion was interested in trying French seafood with a hint of Creole, and ordered the pan-fried skate, which was served with crab “dirty rice” and spicy crab bisque. The skate was presented over the rice and with the bisque on the side. The richness of the bisque complemented the fish well and was seasoned with a deft hand. The dirty rice was delicious. It was packed with flavor, and the bits of crabmeat were the perfect touch.

We shared the chocolate caramel tart and pineapple tarte tatin for dessert. The chocolate was heavenly; it was served with a sour cream and almond brittle, the combination of flavors and textures made it irresistible. The pineapple tart was just as enjoyable. The crust was flakey and the pineapple could not have tasted fresher. The rum butter and vanilla ice cream on the side was the perfect end to a delicious French meal.

320 Atlantic Ave

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