Reshaping the Art of Jewelry

Reshaping the Art of Jewelry

By Hillary Latos

As Antwerp is known for being a hotbed for new designers, the latest Belgian jewelry line to emerge is Laurence Bruyninckx's customizable, interchangeable, and stackable engagement rings. As a newly engaged woman, the timing couldn't be more perfect for this talented young star who just launched the luxurious LX collection.

The first interchangeable concept collection of its kind, you start with a base engagement ring, and from there you can choose to add other guard and stack rings which are meticulously crafted to interlock with the first ring creating a unique and personal ring combination that can be individualized with different stone and precious metals such as yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum ranging in price from $1000-50,000. From growing up around the world to studying fashion at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Laurence entered a jewelry design competition held by the Flanders Fashion Institute, emerged as a finalist, and has never looked back. Here Resident catches up with the determined and dynamic young designer.

"My goal for the LX collection is to enable women to express their life's milestones in a personal manner. With countless combination possibilities, each ring becomes a unique piece, all while serving as a symbol of love and connectivity."

What's your inspiration?

After thinking for a while about what would be important in an engagement ring, I came to the conclusion that it is the symbolism behind it that is most important. The most symbolic thing that happens in marriage is that you form a union with your partner.   So I thought, why not take that concept and bring it into the design. You start with your engagement ring and on the day of your wedding, another piece, the wedding band, is added, completing it. I designed the rings in the LX Collection to evolve as a woman's relationship evolves, so that it changes as she reaches different milestones in her life. For example, one woman felt that her multi-piece ring could represent different people in her life: one part could be her husband, another her dad, another her son, and so on. I thought it was nice how the customers can decide how their rings could tell the stories of their lives.

What makes you different from other jewelers?

We live in an era where people want to be unique, have a say in the design process and have special meaning to their jewelry. With my jewelry, they can easily personalize it. My customers choose the color of the stones and the various colors of gold and then add other pieces. They can take the first ring they bought, combine it with others and change the look again and again. They can even have it fit their mood on any given day.

Who is your core customer?

My consumer is a woman who is creative and dynamic, is fashionable and likes to be unique.

What does luxury mean to you?

Luxury has a new meaning these days, it's a mix of elegance, personal style and quality. Something luxurious appeals to every sense of the wearer. It's more personal these days, it's a unique experience for everyone and combines quality, beauty and a unique personal reflection.

Each collection is named after a different mythological goddess channeling the strength and power of what she represents. Now every woman can tell her life's story in a unique and sparkling way.

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