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By George Wayne

The first thing you notice about the brawny Russian-born mastodon Alex Reznik is his immense barrel chest and the sprawling muscled mass that envelops his broad back and thick neck. If he looks like a personal trainer well, that is because he is. What makes him exemplary and the current talk of the body sculpting, personal training world is his uncanny rise to the top of the food chain where his business savvy and innovation have fitness experts dubbing him – “The Radu of the 21st Century.”
Anyone who knows anything about New York City and fitness will know that Radu is considered the first personal-trainer-as-celebrity back in the early 80’s where he trained some of the biggest bold-faced beauties at the time such as Cindy Crawford and John F. Kennedy Jr.

Alex Reznik is New York City’s gym mogul as the only person in the city with a solely privately owned gym conglomerate from uptown to downtown. HIs Complete Body Development group has set the new standard for gyms across the city.0505201494

His gym complex at 301 East 57th Street is one of uptown’s best-kept secrets. Nestled in a high-rise tower directly across from the iconic Mr. Chow restaurant is the large, airy Complete Body Gym replete with an amazing pool and the most gorgeous open-air deck where GW will be hosting a series of Summer Pool Parties this memorable summer of 2014. More on than later, suffice it to say – this gym is just amazing, never over-run with preening gym bunnies or some cruisy-after-hours-sports-club-as-night- club like the Equinox gym down the road in the Time Warner building.

HIs Complete Body gym in Chelsea at 22 West 19th Street was the former iconic Better Body Gym where some of the most amazing professional bodybuilding superstars back in the day trained. Frank Zane to Arnold to every other super bodybuilder has worked out at this iconic space.

The third and newest jewel in the ever-growing Complete Body Gym brand is where GW works out alongside more famous folk like New Age guru Deepak Chopra, record industry diva Sylvia Rhone, sexy R&B superstar D’Angelo.0505201445

Originally built by the billionaire barbarians of Goldman Sachs, it was their former corporate headquarters. What makes this new Complete Body Gym even more special is ‘’the Sandy effect’’ and what happened a mere two months after Alex Reznik bought his new gym and opened it to the public.

“The gym was only two months old when Sandy hit,’’ the sexy, brawn of a man says in his thick Russian gravel of a voice. ‘’I will never forget that night when Hurricane Sandy rolled into Wall Street. I live upstairs in the penthouse of this building with my husband (also named Alex) and by midnight that night the light was gone – no electricity. We went out to look down with flashlight and all I could see all around us was ocean. The building was surrounded by ocean (Hudson River). I could not believe it, so in the dark that night we walked down every flight of stairs I just had to see what was happening at the gym.’’

What awaited him at his $15 million dollar state-of-the-art-brand-new-sparkling gym was a catastrophe no one could have fathomed. The entire property was submerged in water – entirely! The gym, which goes two levels below ground, was a complete loss. On top of that his crafty insurers found some hidden clause in the policy, which let them off the hook, and so Alex Reznik had to once again go to the bank to ask for credit to completely rebuild his brand new gym. That process took more than sixteen months and 10 Hanover Square is now back and better than ever and is without question the state-of-the art gym in New York City.0505201437

Amongst the many amazing features in this gargantuan 30,000 square foot gym besides the impressive juice and salad bar with its own in-house pressed cleansing juices, and the huge rock wall and the hunkiest personal trainers at your disposal on the planet, and the vast Ladies Locker Room complete with spa and along room with professional make-up lighting and mirrors. Simply chic! 10 Hanover Square is also the only gym in New York City where you can take indulge the CBXT Studio which is even more hard-core cross-training than Barry’s Boot Camp with one of the elite trainers in the business, Laticia Harrell.

The gym is the only one in the city, which is replete with Myride – the most amazing designed video console featuring more than 140 beautiful scenes completely absorbing as you cycle away. To understand what I am gushing about is to experience this Complete Body XT signature hit class yourself. Register now – 212-777-7702!!!!!

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As fate would have it, it was only a few days before jetting off to Nassau and Eleuthera in pursuit of Gwyneth Paltrow that GW was invited to a very exclusive, very private listening party by Sylvia Rhone, the new President of Epic Records and LA Reid the Chairman to a private listening party for the coming band new Michael Jackson album called “X-Scape.” Let GW be the first to tell you that the new Michael Jackson album with eight brand new never before heard music is EVERYTHING! GW can tell you that the Pop song Summer Anthem for the summer of 2014 will unquestionably be Michael Jackson’s “Love Never Felt So Good.” Think classic Michael infectious pop tune evoking his classic iconic hit “Beat It.” The exclusive VIP listening party held at the Top Of The Rock drew New York City legends like Fab Five Freddy and music critic Jim Farber and Ian Drew. You won’t be able to escape the pulsing new Michael Jackson album “X-Scape” coming the middle of May and for seasons to come!

So GW has two fabulous suggestions for that first date! The first is at James Huddleston’s classic and still awesome boite on Lafayette Street called “Pravda.” The room is packed every night of the week with cool, beautiful people who seem to have the discretionary income to wash down the finest pearls of caviar and the best house champagne available.   There is no denying Pravda will guarantee any memorable first date.

The same can be said too of The Stand – this fabulous new comedy club with the most amazing food from the palate of Executive Chef Seth Levine. Long time impresario Paul Italia and his assorted partners have a new New York classic in the Stand, which is at 19th Street on Third Avenue. Stand-up is in again kids, ask the likes of Spike Lee, Tracy Morgan and Judah Friedlander who are regulars at this –the hottest new comedy club in Gotham!

And I will be in touch.


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