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Elegant Parisian Getaway At the Hotel de Vendome

Elegant Parisian Getaway At the Hotel de Vendome

Though Paris is home to many fabulous hotels, Hotel de Vendome’s charming and convenient location make it a standout choice for visitors to the City of Lights.

By:Norah Bradford

Though Paris is home to many fabulous hotels, Hotel de Vendome's charming and convenient location make it a standout choice for visitors to the City of Lights. This exclusive boutique hotel perfectly embodies the notion of Parisian chic. Located in the heart of Paris's most fashionable district at 1 Place Vendome, this elegant five-star luxury hotel features attentive service, fine cuisine, and a discreet atmosphere around the corner from the Ritz Hotel, which will open in 2014. It is easy to get there via plane or train – if you are going by the latter, make sure you explore luggage storage Gare du Nord to get the most out of your first and last day in the city.

Hotel de Vendome has a rich and fascinating history. In 1723, the private mansion that houses the hotel today was built as a private residence for the Vendome Family. It is from this residence that Place Vendome derives its name. The building that houses Hotel de Vendome then became the Texan embassy from 1842 through 1907, a period during which France was the only nation that recognized Texas as an independent country. In 1907, the property was converted into a hotel. Place Vendome is situated at the start of the Rue de la Paix.

Cut The Hotel de Vendome and change to: Noted for its luxury and beauty there are twenty nine lavishly appointed guest rooms and suites. It features twenty-nine lavishly appointed guest rooms and suites. Ten suites and nineteen guest rooms comprise the accommodations at the hotel. Each of the suites and rooms is uniquely decorated with antique furniture, beautiful woods, and the finest French-crafted upholstery. Each bathroom showcases rare and beautiful marble. The hotel's revolving door entryway leads guests into an elegant reception area that feels cozy and intimate, yet luxurious and highly professional.

Just steps away from the hotel's doors are the most celebrated attractions in Paris including the Tuileries… The Rue Saint-Honore is home to the city's premier designer retail locations. The Place Vendome boasts some of the world's finest jewelers, and the Opera Garnier and Jeu de Paume Gallery are both located very close to the hotel.

The dining options available to Hotel de Vendome guests are exceptional. Inside the hotel is the exquisite One Place Vendome Restaurant, which features a seasonally-focused menu by Chef Josselin Marie, and also the One Place Vendome Bar, a perfect place to unwind at the end of a busy day packed with sightseeing, shopping, and exploring. Both the restaurant's and bar's interiors were designed by the acclaimed Italian interior designer Michele Bonan. Michele chose a couture-style theme for the spaces, and the result is pure elegance. Silver-studded black and white houndstooth patterned chairs, inviting silk velvet sofas, silver silk satin curtains, and pink satin cushions decorated with black and white ribbed motifs adorn the area.

All in all, there is no more magical place to stay while in Paris than Hotel de Vendome. This charming boutique hotel is the perfect choice for visitors the City of Lights who seek a distinctive, chic, timeless yet modern experience. Sure to surprise and delight, Hotel de Vendome is a gem.

For more information: hoteldevendome.com

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