Summer Hair Tips with Ryan Darius

Summer Hair Tips with Ryan Darius

By  Hillary Latos

Hairstylist to the stars, Ryan Darius is known for his dynamic approach to styling hair. With his vivacious personality and innate talents as a hairstyling guru, he's quickly become the go to personality for hair care advice on national talk shows, and has styled editorial features and commercials and currently stars in the Logo TV's hit reality show, The A List. Here we ask Ryan for the latest trends in haircuts and color, and tips on how to get the beachy look without damaging your hair.

What are the new trends for summer hair?

The trend now is your natural texture, air drying is in, and finding new ways to put your hair up to flatter yourself whether its half up or half down or rocking your natural curl in an up do that's what's trending. It's kind of like the easy breezy hair that still looks chic and sexy.

What about cuts?

Right now we are seeing a lot of women cutting their hair, whether it's a bob or a lob- a longer bob above the collarbone, it can still be put up into a nub for the beach or a workout, but it's shorter and cropped or choppy.

What about color trends?

I still see ombre happening but it's not on trend now. Women in NYC have gone back to classic chic color. A lot of that goes with their skin tones and natural pigments, baby blonde highlights, rich dark chocolate browns, and for reds we're seeing a crisp carroty red because its lighter and summery.

Are there any must have products?

We love Oribe, they have a great dry texture spray that's great for the beachy look and I like to mix it with the après beach which is their wave & shine spray. I love to mix a matted dry texturizer with just a hint of shine, so it's not too dry or too shiny. There's also an Oribe gold lust line that will keep your hair healthy and shiny and not so damaged over the summer.

Are there any tips to combat damage from summertime activities?

I recommend getting a spray bottle and fill it with ¼ of your favorite conditioner and the rest with water, shake it up and leave it overnight. Now you have your own travel size leave in conditioner for your beach bag. When you get to the beach or pool it's great to use a little leave in conditioner just before you jump in. I would recommend also swimming with your hair in a braid, whatever is wrapped or tangled in your bun or braid is protected with the leave in conditioner, this also helps with combatting the effects of chlorine. I also tell my clients don't go fully under until you're ready to go home but on your last trip into the water then dive in, then the salt and chlorine from the water won't sit and marinate your hair strands.

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