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Cool Banyan Shade

Cool Banyan Shade

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By:Peizhao Sun

Ancient Indian merchants, once called Banias, used to gather this certain type of tree with enormous leaves providing soothing shade and quiet shelters, so that banias could rest and go on with their trades. Such tradition went on to be tales for foreign travelers to tell, and the tree took the name of the banias and became the banyan tree. Today, on the coast of the alluring Riviera Maya, Banyan Tree Mayakoba keeps the tale alive, providing the shade and the sheltering Banias once sought – with elegant and tranquil grandeur. Fusing an Asian art of hospitality with Riviera Maya local splendor, Banyan Tree Mayakoba is a top choice for a charming summer getaway.


Overlooking the Caribbean Sea, Banyan Tree Mayakoba sits on the splendid Yucatan peninsula embracing the gorgeous Riviera Maya Mangrove forest. On this land of seductively rugged forestation and meticulously groomed luxury, the hotel offers a wide range of marvelous villas welcoming its guests, bringing them exceptional amenities and unparalleled hospitality while maintaining the Banyan spirit and culture. From its Luxury Pool Villa, to the Golf View Residences, all villas are furnished with Mayan styled designs and details native to Riviera Maya, and touched by inspirations from the East, providing an exclusive yet sizable courtyard. Although the interior decor is deeply influenced by the Mayan culture and elements, each villa still radiates a strong sense of modern convenience, providing guests the stellar visit they came for.


Building on the luxury villa experience, Banyan Tree Mayakoba takes premier relaxation to a level of pristine enjoyment. Leading the industry in innovation, Banyan Tree Spa takes the philosophies of Asian traditions, translates these healing disciplines foreign to the Western world to create unique messages and treatments for guests. Asian wellness philosophy inspired healing is also combined with the best of European spa techniques to ensure a serene, warm and welcoming journey. Aside from its relaxing surroundings, fittingly named the “Sanctuary for the Senses,” spa therapists at Banyan Tree also highlight the uniquely deluxe spa experience with professionalism and precision. Each spa therapist is formally trained in Banyan Tree Spa Academies across Asia, ensuring the highest quality and consistency while giving guests the familiar Banyan Tree Spa experience regardless of the location.


The pursuit of perfection and upscale relaxation doesn’t stop at Banyan Tree Spa. On the blissful coast of Riviera Maya, Banyan Tree Mayakoba offers a selection of either customizable or meticulously designed fine dining experience throughout the exquisite resort, serving guests’ different desires on various occasions, be it comfort or romance. At Oriente, dishes in its rich breakfast buffet are inspired by international recipes while utilizing highest quality Mexican ingredients. After breakfast, whether it is a quick dip in the Reflections Pool, or a peaceful stroll along the white sandy beach, guests can find dinning services all around Banyan Tree. Be it a quick snack mid-stroll, or some refreshing cocktails by the pool, both Sands and the Reflections Pool Bar cater to those desires with elegant yet light-hearted service that can only be described as excellence. The Reflections Pool bar is perfect for some causal sun bathing, with drinks and cocktails served throughout the day, while Sands offer exquisite seafood and cocktails on Banyan Tree Mayakoba’s powdery private beach.

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Pairing luxury with elegance, wilderness with modern comfort, this gem of a resort on the Yucatan creates the perfect summer leisure paradise. With its award-winning, Asian inspired hospitality, Banyan Tree Mayakoba continues the tradition of the Banyan tree, providing the highest level of relaxation and sheltering for its guests.

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