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Life in Technicolor

Life in Technicolor

By W.A. Muller

The MissoniHome 2014 introductions, designed by Rosita Missoni, embody a new kind of energy, emblematic symbols and a variety of variables and patterns. Cool tones, smooth lines and linear graphics form a concrete counterbalance to eccentricity. The powerful impact of the textural materials and designs gives an energy and contagious vitality suitable both for large and small spaces. To Rosita, home designs embody a magic found in the endless interplay that links furnishing and fashion.PATCH_DI_FIAMMATI_1

MissoniHome 2014 collection, as delicate poppies, dazzling freesias and other seasonal blooms grow throughout the 2014 home stories, once again brings the elegant and vibrant technicolors to its clients. The floral theme is very dear to the Missoni family, who has carried out a tradition of gardening through the generations. Also in the mix are stories of patchworks, flames, stripes and geometric shapes, not forgetting bold, pictorial stripes in shaded or bright bands and on sheer backgrounds. One of the most emblematic Missoni symbols, the chevron, has also found its much overdue way into the outdoor collection.


Missoni is known for its color choices, for dreaming up combinations that are as appealing as they are surprising. However, when asked about her favorite color, Rosita will admit: “black,” a perfect base on which to draw color and demand attention. The 2014 collection does just this with black and white hues elegantly mixed into patchwork and floral elements. The new designs also use natural, sandy shades; crystal-clear, bright blues; subtle watercolor hues; bold vintage tones; matte golds and more, combined in exciting and inspiring ways throughout the collection.


To be fitting with this thematic aura, the collection dances with the endless possibilities of fabrics. Beautiful silk jacquards, like modern watercolor tapestries; soft velvets; printed cottons and linens; sheer tulles; distressed macramés; knitwear elements, there’s nowhere that MissoniHome won’t go when it comes to fabric experimentation. The family and brand is, at its heart, a textile company, designing down to each individual stitch to create unique blends of pattern, material, texture and color. MissoniHome also works with high- performance fabrics including Trevira, a fire-retardant material, available in a waterproof cotton version (Tempotest) for outdoor use. This allows the 2014 outdoor collection to include a wide choice of patterns for curtains, outdoor seating, custom furniture covers, pillows, poufs and more perfect for terraces, gardens, patios or even boats.


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One of the many shinning qualities of MissoniHome is the “soft structure” concept. The term “soft structure” may sound contradictory, but it’s the idea that MissoniHome strives to achieve, balancing the clean lines of its furnishing design with the comfort of home and how people live. Each piece is very soft and welcoming, without losing its shape. This goes for MissoniHome’s sofas, chairs, lamps and more. The new collection also incorporates other elements such as leather, PVC or wood to contrast with the material textures for a highly attractive effect and unusual perspective. New in this collection: leather sofas in classic shades, geometric/diamond-shaped poufs, chairs “dressed” in patchwork and chunky-knit rugs.

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