The French Have It

The French Have It

By Peizhao Sun

Daniel Boulud isn't a new name to fine dinning, especially French cuisine enthusiasts from Manhattan. The now famous and award-winning brand of excellent French fine dining establishments, consisting of gems like Daniel, Café Boulud and his casual masterpiece, db Bistro Moderne. The restaurant holds a spot on the must-list of New York City fine dinning. Opened in 2001, db Bistro Moderne, like its name implies, is a cozily intimate place by Times Square, serving the outstandingly rich DB burger, made with succulent foie gras. One block east of Times Square, sitting in the heart of Theatre District on West 44th Street, db Bistro Moderne, with its exuberant French air, brings to its patrons delicacies in casual richness.

The classic bistro attracts the cultured Broadway connoisseurs and first-time visitors alike. The three course prix-fixe menu provides diners a list of carefully selected French dishes and wine, perfect for a deluxe evening either before, or after the show.

Upon arrival at db Bistro Moderne, guests are greeted with the cool chatters and warm atmosphere radiating from the subtly lavish decor. Light gracefully pours down, illuminates the burgundy design details. The warm tone extends throughout the restaurant, carefully flirts with the mood of guests, bewitching them for a night of luxurious enchantment. While the red poses a lighthearted seduction, the classic wood furnishings complement the pleasant atmosphere. The warm grandeur of db Bistro Moderne highlights the elegance and passion, natural to French cuisine.

The meticulously arranged menu, including favorites like the Escargot Fricasée and the Tuna Tartare, aims to satisfy theatregoers, tourists and locals alike. The namesake DB Original Burger has all the buzz for its innovative and delectable patty, which is made with top quality foie gras and braised short ribs then wrapped in a tender and juicy kobe beef exterior. The love fair db Bistro Moderne has with the celebrated foie gras doesn't stop at the exquisite Original Burger; with both Pâté en Croûte and Foie Gras Terrine, the rich ingredient is given a spotlight to demonstrate the protected cultural and gastronomical heritage of France in midtown Manhattan.

Although each bite is pure magnificence, db Bistro moderne offers to amplify that experience with its extensive wine list, representing the terroir and treasures of France and focusing on classic wines, fitting for the Times Square bistro; wine is something that doesn't miss the mark at db Bistro Moderne. The Sommelier guards the gates to its exquisite wine list, selecting fine wine choices from his favorite producers, guaranteeing customers the utmost enjoyment.

Continuing the Daniel Boulud brand traditions in a more inimate fashion while maintaining the high quality esteemed by customers, amazing is simply an understatement in describing the establishment dear to many patrons' hearts. Displaying French elegance, American casualness, topped with fine red wine, db Bistro Moderne is deservingly a fixation in the theatre district.

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