Trip Down Willow Road

Trip Down Willow Road

By Peizhao Sun

Willow Road stands on the long stretch of Tenth Avenue, backed by the Hudson River and looks onto the quiet shadows of High Line Park in the chaotic backdrop of Chelsea. Such location brings around an element of sexiness to the already edgy restaurant, as tourists freely float around the High Line and sunshine dances between sharp silhouettes of nearby buildings. In comparison to neighboring gastronomical meccas such as Del Posto and Colicchio & Sons, Willow Road surrounds itself with such charming informality that you wonder if you are in Williamsburg. Confusion on your whereabouts aside, one thing will be clear: you're here at Willow Road to have a good time.

It starts with the interior. One quick glance and that doubt about the restaurant being in Brooklyn intensifies. The carefully crafted atmosphere the Williamsburg crowd looks for hides in the details. Tables and seats are set in a crisp and orderly manner, providing the right amount of space for either an intimate gathering or a large group event. The warm and welcoming ambience is paired with amber lighting and guests' soft whispers, amplifying the sensibility of Willow Road. The black-and-white photos, the quirky decorations and the wooden frames that radiate ruggedness, all seem to hint at the neighboring borough; yet all signs point to Willow Road's excellent service and high quality of its New American cuisine.

The unique style of Willow Road echoes the daring and inventive nature of New American cuisine. The menu, crafted by Executive Chef Kevin Chojnowski, lists reinvented traditional dishes using exotic spices, creating delectable mixes such as black garlic in the Caesar Salad or red harissa in the braised octopus. The burger though resembles, in appearance, a hearty Middle American burger, combines pimento cheese and Russian dressing, adding delightful twists to the staid classic. The small plate section on the three-part menu is given a lot of attention, including savory dishes like the yellow peaches, which is made with fresh ingredients aim to please.

The welcoming staff at Willow Road adds to the dinning experience, making it charming and incredibly enjoyable. Providing high quality service, modern interior decor and savory cuisine, Willow Road strives to satisfy its guests with stunning performance. With one lighthearted visit, it will be clear that Willow Road is deservingly the spot for good times.

85 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10011

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