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Unleash Your Inner Picasso

Unleash Your Inner Picasso

By Peter Elston

Spice up the standard Happy Hour experience and get on board with New York’s newest and most unique social nightlife craze, Tipsy Crafts™. Combining cocktails, creativity and crafts, these one-of-a-kind art classes held at some of Manhattan’s hottest restaurants and bars are redefining the meaning of ‘arts and crafts’.


During two hour workshops, engaging and passionate artists take their students on a step-by-step journey in creating exciting works of art. All the while, guests will be sipping cocktails and dining on horse d’oeuvres in restaurants and bars including Tribeca’s Manhattan Proper Bar, Mad River Bar & Grill, Lower East Side’s Victor & Spoils, where ‘intimate art studios’ are set up. Socializing and cocktails are the only inspiration Tipsy Crafts’ guests need to unleash their inner Picasso and make a masterpiece they’ll be proud to take home.

Each of the four programs on offer have their own Tipsy spin; from watercolor and acrylic painting, to jewelry making and kitting – and for each you’ll take an original painting, jewelry or knitted piece to take home with you. Events are held almost every night in Manhattan and are the perfect, out-of-the-box alternative for a night out – whether it’s a girl’s night, a first date, or just a meet up with old friends. You will be immersed in a completely new, unconventional and non-judgmental environment and have the chance to meet some new people too.

It makes no difference whether you’re an amateur or an advanced artist – no experience is needed to enjoy a Tipsy Crafts class. And if anything can improve your artistic prowess, it’s wine! Talented and experienced teachers, who double as entertainers, are not only there to guide guests but to ensure they receive the full Tipsy experience – filled with laughter and good times. Classes are capped at 30 people, allowing for artists to pay personal attention to each and every Tipsy Craft guest.

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Tipsy Crafts also specializes in private events – whether it’s for a bachelorette party, a birthday, or corporate gathering, Tipsy’s professional event planners will make sure it is memorable experience. For groups of 24 people or more, Tipsy will work with you to create an event customized to meet your specific goals; from the venue, to the food and drinks.

It’s time to great your creative juices flowing, break some old stereotypes and get crafty – go online and book your Tipsy Crafts event today!

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