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Brazilian Indulgence

Brazilian Indulgence

By Peizhao Sun

America’s fervent pursuit of juicy, thick-cut and grilled meat is a long-established tradition – a celebration of the carnivorous. Whether it’s a get-together barbecue, a college graduation or a wedding, the insatiable urge to bite into perfectly seared ribs and Italian sausages do not discriminate; forget about the occasion, as long as meat is present, it’s a party. This American hunt for good and hearty meat, however, is becoming more excitingly ethnic. As the new trend of meat-eating blooms, meat lovers wipe the pizza grease off and rush to their local Brazilian steakhouses to have a taste of this unique style. Among all the existing Brazilian steakhouse brands, Texas de Brazil stands out for its excellence in quality and service. Striving to continue the same excellent experience, Texas de Brazil in the Upper East Side is a worthy spot for a night of indulgence.89


The gorgeous restaurant strives to present New Yorkers who cherish enjoyment of fine dinning with a new and exotic experience. The restaurant, an authentic Brazilian-American “Churrascaria,” or steakhouse, combines the cuisines of Southern Brazil with the generous spirit of Texas. It’s specialized in slow-roasted and perfectly seasoned cuts of beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and Brazilian sausage. The cooking technique, foreign to American cooking ways, comes directly from Brazil, where Gauchos, or cowboys, prepare their meals over a campfire. While guests are served with their meat, they are also presented with traditional side items and house-baked Brazilian cheese bread.


The variety of meats is matched with the large selection at the salad bar. The seasonal salads include 50 to 60 items that range from appetizers, gourmet vegetables, soups and salads. The salad bar also provides four freshly made in-house salad dressings, gourmet artisan breads, imported cheeses, fresh buffalo mozzarella, steamed asparagus with strawberry sauce among many other unique and elegant small dishes perfect to enjoy before guests indulge in the gorgeous cuts of meat.

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Texas de Brazil also uses one simple rule to make sure the dinning experience is smooth, convenient and seamless. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by the two-sided card in front of them, one side painted green, the other red. Whenever the guest is ready to enjoy the full Texas de Brazil experience, the green side is turned up to notify the servers, making the ordering process painless and swift.

With its variety in selection, combined with a gorgeous interior, Texas de Brazil offers an elegant dinning experience that’s worth a visit in Upper East Side.

Texas de Brazil
1011 3rd Avenue
NY, NY 10065

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