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Naughty but Nice

Naughty but Nice

By Rob Shuter
Well, what a month it has been. Being on hiatus from my morning show, “The Gossip Table” on VH1 – the network that’s home to ‘Love and Hip Hop,’ ‘Dating Naked’ and me, this whiter than white, fully clothed British cheeky chap – has been exhausting.

Not having to pop out of bed like a piece of toast five days a week at 5:30am has meant I have had time to sashay from event to event, without falling asleep into my vodka soda, and boy did I ever!


Diving Right In!
So, let’s get right to the dish! I saw Cher fly. Literally. My dear friend Elvis Duran – the most powerful man in music, (sorry, Clive Davis) – got amazing tickets, eighth row center, at the Barclays Center to watch the Diva and her 200 costume changes. I swear that girl spends more time off-stage changing outfits than she does on stage performing. However, never ever in my life have I had such great seats! I never knew this, but you can actually see the singer’s face, without looking at those huge screens on each side of the stage, when you sit in a posh seat. Liza Minnelli sat behind us, yes, behind, and was looking surprisingly like Kris Jenner.

Cyndi Lauper
Cyndi Lauper

No 2nd Fiddle
Cyndi Lauper was the warm-up act, and was forced to perform on four-feet of stage in front of a giant curtain that was covering Cher’s massive production behind it – no fireworks or half-naked backup dancers for Cher’s opening act! But what Lauper did have was Rosie O’Donnell, whom she brought up on stage to sing along with her fab anthem – ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun!’ – even girls who wear Crocs, apparently. Rosie dragging Liza up too, who didn’t know the words to the song but with those jazz hands, who needs lyrics?!
Diva’s Moment
Finally, the moment had arrived and the lights went down for Cher. Only then did the ever-so-grand Andy Cohen from Bravo arrive. He was ushered in, escorted by security guards, as if he was Angelina Jolie rather than the man who gave the world a plague of Real Housewives, and the show began!
Cher didn’t disappoint, even at $500 a ticket! We knew we were going to have a great night after she sang her first hit and stopped to ask, “what’s your granny doing tonight? “ Funny – I love a legend that is in on the joke!

See Also
See Also

Liza Minnelli
Liza Minnelli

The Domestic Goddess
Additionally, I spent time off from my show to fly to LA for meetings, meetings darling, and managed to upset Martha Stewart on the plane. Observing Martha letting it be known that she was thoroughly disgusted with the limited wine options in first class was a hoot. But you have to give her props when it comes to folding a blanket. She left her seat in much better condition than she found it before she exited the plane.
* Note – her two travel companions were pushed back into coach after Miss Stewart was comfortably settled. I made the mistake of tweeting her every move and tagging her. She saw them when she was met by LAX security, and let’s just say, ‘its was not a good thing!’

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart

NY vs. LA
Did I mention that she was sleeping when we landed and no one had the nerve to tell her she needed to put her seat back in the upright position! Never wake a sleeping beauty!
In New York I often make the mistake of believing I’m gorgeous. LA has the habit of making me feel like Shrek. Do they even serve desert in that town?
In Other News
Well, I’m back now in NYC, feeling gorgeous again, thank-you for asking. I just bumped into Suri Cruise walking Katie Holmes on 23rd street – Suri is all business! Plus, I bumped into Daniel Radcliffe in the green room at The Today Show – he is even smaller in person, but totally charming. He was engaged in a conversation with Ian Ziering about making a guest appearance in the next Sharknado. Harry Potter said he would love to do it, but only if he got killed in a spectacular manner, which I guess would involve a shark eating him and his magic wand. “I will tweet you,” Ian said to which Daniel responded, “I’m not on twitter,” – so I guess that isn’t going to happen!
Gotta dash, I’m heading up to CNN to be a guest on The Nancy Grace Show. I don’t know why I say yes, she always shouts at me saying, “You are not from these parts, are you dear!’ But she loves a good murder. The joke in the building is if anyone goes missing during sweeps, check her basement.
It’s always fun strolling around CNN–you never know whom you might bump into. Last visit it was Anderson Cooper, who is very pale without makeup. He was leaving the bathroom and rubbing Purell on his tiny hands. I love a man that goes to war zones and uses hand sanitizer!
Until next time you can catch me on Twitter @NaughtyNiceRob – and check out my website Naughty But Nice Rob
Saw Sarah Jessica Parker shopping at Whole Foods on 23rd street who bought so little food that she didn’t even need a basket! WINK.

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