Sharing The Flavors of Peru With Chicago

Sharing The Flavors of Peru With Chicago

By W. A. Muller

Get ready to embark on a culinary journey through Peru at Tanta (118 W. Grand Ave) in Chicago. Tanta is dedicated to sharing the flavors and culture of Peru with the people of Chicago, serving authentic Peruvian dishes and beverages in an approachable, casual and colorful downtown setting. A collaboration between Chef Gaston Acurio and VBD Group, LLC (Veronica Beckman, Vincent Beckman, JP Bitting, and Brian DeNicolo), Tanta looks to take each guest that walks through the doors on an adventure through Peru's cuisine.

The menu, created by Acurio and Tanta Chicago chefs Victoriano Lopez and Jesus Delgado, takes diners on a voyage through Peru via its food. From the Pacific Ocean, through the Andes, to the desert, to the Amazon, Tanta celebrates the diverse landscape and ethnicities that make up Peru's culture. Emigrants from China, Japan, Spain, and Italy melded their respective dishes with the native Peruvian cuisine to create the unique melting pot of Peruvian cooking that keeps boiling to this day.

We start with an array of cebiche dishes, Tanta's fresh and light takes on this Peruvian staple featuring the day's freshest catch tossed with lime, aji (Peru's ubiquitous yellow chili) and a number of other unique and ever-changing ingredients such as mango, coconut milk, peanuts, ginger, and bonito.

In addition to cebiche, Tanta offers an extensive sampling of the culinary riches of Peruvian cuisine, from tiraditos, or Peruvian sashimi with assorted toppings, to a sampling of Peru's street foods, such as empanadas, anticuchos and sanguches (sandwiches).

Tanta's mixologists created a menu of Peruvian-influenced beverages that focus primarily on pisco, a grape brandy made in the wine regions of Peru, enjoyed by Peruvians and their South American neighbors for centuries.

For private events, Tanta boasts a wide array of options. Whether it's a casual corporate dinner, social gathering or an exciting dinner at the chef's table, Tanta's team of experienced events staff can help to design the perfect party for any occasion. Tanta can accommodate small parties for the Chef's Table, groups for family-style seated dinners and larger parties for standing cocktail receptions. The restaurant is available for partial or full event buyouts as well. The private dining area is located on the second floor in the form of a stylish, modern lounge with direct access to a rooftop deck and garden complete with an outdoor bar where guests can enjoy downtown city views.

118 W Grand Ave.
Chicago, IL 60654

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