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A Worthy Addition to the East Village

A Worthy Addition to the East Village

By Peizhao Sun

Budding love, curiosity, discourse and a night of fine dining have gone hand in hand for ages. Whether it’s the warm candle against a dimly lit background, or the precisely spaced seats that bring the pair closer, these details are what diners look for in a romantic dinner for two. At Tuome, however, not only are the romance factors on point with its vintage yet chic decor, but also Chef Thomas Chen’s emphasis on succulent cuisine prepared through a precise process, puts the love and pursuit of good eating, center stage.


Located in the East Village, Tuome welcomes guests to its fine menu showcasing a spectrum of dishes that not only amaze with meticulously calculated arrangement of spices, but also impresses with the bridging of Asian culinary disciplines with New American style. Upon entering, guests find themselves mesmerized by the vintage and carefully crafted decor. The modern, clean restaurant is decorated with vintage elements, such as a wall of 1920’s wool spools from a knitting factory, or bar chairs repurposed from a university lab; all accompanied with Asian elements in a subtle manner.


The uniquely sectioned menu separates dishes into four categories: cold small, hot small, big and sides. A careful glance at the menu reveals attentively selected seasonal spices, fresh ingredients and Asian accents. Many items on the menu look rather familiar at first: watermelon with ricotta, corn seasoned in curry, or rice with kale; however, the unique pairing of spices and fresh ingredients is what makes Tuome stand out. Each pairing only showcases Chef Chen’s obsession with balancing flavor and texture; while the same watermelon salad marries crunchy puffed farro, the kale and rice are creatively paired with tangy Chinese sausage – lap cheong.


Among these delicately arranged dishes, one shining star is evident: the Pig Out For Two, featuring Berkshire pork prepared with ginger and thyme, then cooked in duck fat for hours. The crowd-pleaser is complemented with two bowls of spicy peanut noodles and gained instant recognition since it first debuted. Not only is the dish itself exquisite, it also invites guests to taste the result of the slow and delicate process used to prepare many dishes on Tuome’s menu — The XO sauce on top of grilled octopus takes about two hours to prepare, while the oxtail inside the fresh spring rolls is cooked for twelve hours.

Providing quality service and marvelous cuisine in the East Village, Tuome deserves to be the next hit gastronomical destination.


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536 E 5th St

NY, NY 10009


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