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Dining Extra Fancy

Dining Extra Fancy

By Peizhao Sun

Williamsburg has witnessed many changes. The artsy crowd’s arrival and their eventual Bushwick-bound journey, along with new, shinny condo-developments in the neighborhood, breathed life into the hipster-mecca and shaped it into what it is today — a mixture of the high and the low. What comes with the mixing of both cultures and worlds is the trend of bridging high-end dinning with casual, dive-y vibes. Riding this trend comes Extra Fancy, where $4 Bud drafts share menu space with quality local rosé wine. Serving excellent New England inspired delicacies, Extra Fancy in Williamsburg is perfect for an intimate night out.


The bar-restaurant hybrid is the latest work from partners Mark Rancourt and David Brilliant of Macao Trading Co. and Robert Krueger, (currently the restaurant’s Beverage Director), of Employees Only, who, in fact, named Extra Fancy after a seafood-condiment bottle. Its high-energy Afro-punk soundtrack and the charming seaside New England decor only heighten the experience as diners and drinkers alike engage in casual, lighthearted conversations. Having a close connection to cocktail guru Dushan Zaric, Rancourt and beverage director Krueger create a drinks menu that highlights a variety of spirits and signature cocktails. In the same lively and intimate space, bartenders whip up quality cocktails; while some are classic, some are more contemporary like the refreshing zippy Ray-Ray, made with Plymouth Gin, Pimm’s #1, herbs and Cel-Ray soda. If cocktails aren’t really your thing, Extra Fancy also offers a wide range of beers and other classics. From Budweiser to Moët, the drinks menu is indeed reflective of the high-low fusion.


The dinner menu at the restaurant continues the excellence, serving what Rancourt calls “updated boardwalk” food. Although an upscale clam shack, Extra Fancy’s menu still offers a casual and familiar feel, serving popular items like the lobster roll and the fish and chips. One look at the menu and guests will notice the special focus Extra Fancy has on reviving traditional vegetables and spices, as well as utilizing seasonal ingredients. Building on top of a hot menu, the intimate spot also boasts a Raw Bar menu that fulfills all your oyster/clam cravings. From clams to crab, Extra Fancy also offers combo deals befitting to all the occasions.


While fusing two ends of the spectrum can sometimes lead to a clash, Extra Fancy, however, makes it work and proves that high and low can go hand in hand. With incredible seafood and killer cocktails, Extra Fancy in Williamsburg is indeed a vision.

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Extra Fancy

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