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East Meets West at Ling Skincare

East Meets West at Ling Skincare

By Hillary Latos

The East has always been revered for its homeopathic skincare products that use ancient and herbal healing ingredients that harness powerful anti aging effects producing age defying results. Thanks to renowned skin care expert to the stars, Ling Chan, the search for amazing skin is over! She combines her vast knowledge of the East with cutting edge technology of the West to produce her powerful Energy Lift Facial available exclusively at her namesake Ling Skincare salons in NYC.Spa-Room-Red-2

The Energy Lift Facial uses a combination of far-infrared rays, Asian health principles and relaxing spa techniques to stimulate the body’s self-healing and rejuvenation to increase and balance cellular performance. Using a heat machine embedded with Tourmaline, the highest-energy producing crystal in the world, this deep infusion of ‘chi’ or energy, is a concept that has been used for over 5,000 years in traditional Chinese medicine. As one of only a handful of minerals that have the ability to emit negative ions and far-infrared rays, the Tourmaline gemstone is known for its incredible ability to aid in the detoxification process of the human body.


Embark on a 90 minute journey of complete relaxation and total body wellness in a multi step process to rid the mind and body of impurities. The first 20 minutes is devoted to heat therapy on the back, spinal area, neck and shoulders through heated flat stones to relax the body and chakra system and open the meridian channels for proper ‘chi’ energy movement and lymphatic drainage.


This is followed by a Triple Peel Facial, which begins with a Glycolic Peel and a Papaya Enzyme Peel to digest dirt and impurities and finishes with an acid-free rescue peel. After the dead skin is removed, a pore-by-pore extraction takes place to remove bacteria and excess oil buildup. An Herbal Clay Clarifying Mask is used next to detoxify the pores, followed by a custom blended Ginseng Herbal Moisturizing Mask to instantly sooth and alleviate inflammation.

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The efficacy of the state of the art facial creams embedded with anti aging stem cells are enhanced with a tourmaline based far-infrared on the face which stimulates collagen growth in the lower epidermal layers while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Acupressure point-lifting energizes the face, while removing unhealthy toxins to reveal a healthier, younger complexion. In 90 minutes emerge as a more youthful and rejuvenated self.

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