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Simply the Best, Simply St. Regis

Simply the Best, Simply St. Regis

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By:Rory Winston

Luxurious, opulent, posh… Discerning travelers have become all too familiar with high-end superlatives. More often than not these adjectives are the plastic wreaths strewn on the corpse of a once glorious institution, the solemn engravings on the headstone of a property where personality has all but been replaced by a generic form of distinction. Devoid of character, these exorbitantly priced monstrosities – often the effete members of some highly successful franchise – line the corridors of most big cities. Not so the eccentric heirs of the divinely mad hotel group bearing the illustrious eponym, St. Regis. From the New York flagship, built by the mogul John Jacob Astor IV – an investor/author/lieutenant colonel who died aboard the Titanic – to the boutique hotels spanning the globe today, St. Regis is elegance with signature style. The luxury 5 star St. Regis Singapore is no exception.


An ivory proscenium of curlicues dance in a world of alabaster hemmed with gold as staircases rise like white drapes softly edging their way over the frosty mirrored glow of chandeliers: walking into the St. Regis Singapore is like walking onto a film set designed for a Baz Luhrmann production, one where the director has been tasked with paying homage to the roaring 20’s while still retaining a contemporary edge. From a grand ballroom with skylights to housing one of the finest private art collections in all of Asia, the property is not only in close proximity to the Singapore Botanical Gardens but is a veritable oasis in its own right.


An unabashed sense of entitlement anoints one upon entering any one of the suites. The quality is pervasively colonial and it is easy to see why the Brits had such a hard time relinquishing their hold of the Island. King sized beds with signature linens, Chinoiserie silk wallpaper, Silk throw pillows (by none other than Jim Thompson), rich fabrics, design furniture, a glamorous free standing bathtub set adrift amidst a French marble interior – quiescent grandeur is clearly de rigueur in every corner of the expansive realm.

Considered a global food capital, Singapore is an Asian hotbed for cuisine – one that maximizes on its own Chinese, Malaysian and European traditions. Nowhere is this zeal to achieve culinary perfection more apparent than in the four distinct kitchens of St. Regis where an all out attempt is made to evoke the best of their respective worlds. Yan Ting focuses on authentic Cantonese dishes and its tasting menu is one I would highly recommend. Its scrumptious specialties are unlikely to be found anywhere else on the planet. As for the setting, it is a finely honed fusion of both ancient imperial and contemporary themes and one that recalls just how many centuries it had taken to evolve one the most interesting but underappreciated traditions.


Shinji by St. Regis partner Kanesaka is the domain of the renowned Chef Shunsuke Kikuchi whose artistry is evident the moment one approaches the hinoki sushi counter. It is clear from both the high caliber of service as well as the tantalizing dishes that Japanese heritage is alive and well at the St. Regis. As for a European gastronomic experience, the hotel boasts both an Italian dining establishment as well as a French one. While La Brezza indulges in robust organic signature dishes from every region of the country, Brasserie Les Saveurs is haut cuisine with a contemporary nouveau touch. Overlooking tropical gardens and sparkling pools, the brasserie not only has a dazzling array of exquisite dishes but sports a wine list that easily contends with any of its prestigious European counterparts. As for desserts, why not stroll over to the Drawing Room in the lobby with its panoply of pastries, teas and coffees – all of which can be enjoyed in the comfort of plush armchairs or sofa.

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But St. Regis is not just a splendid place to spend the evening and dine; it is also designed to pamper its guests in unparalleled ways. Located on the second floor of the hotel, the Remède Spa is a venue for a battery of treatments that range from ancient Roman to Chinese Dynasty, and include highly effective interdisciplinary approaches. With an indoor tennis center, a state-of-the-art fitness center and a tropical Spa pool adorned in sculptures, shades and cabanas, the St. Regis Singapore is a celebration of easy living. Sitting at the Astor Bar, indulging in some vintage champagne it’s easy to understand that St. Regis is more than the sum of its lavish amenities and proffered lifestyle. It is a journey, an extravagantly personal excursion through an alternate universe – one where the best of several epochs and cultures have been thrown under one roof.

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