Straight from the Market

Straight from the Market

By Peizhao Sun

The much-anticipated Washington Market Tavern, opened this June, has something traditional, something nostalgic, but definitely a whole lot of the new. Restaurateur Eric Schwimmer delivered Mudville 9, and has set out to create a detail-oriented restaurant serving dishes honoring meticulously selected ingredients; and the result – the entirely renovated, beautifully ornate Washington Market Tavern. Schwimmer's life-long affair with TriBeCa traces all the way back to his great-grandfather and grandfather's paper-and-twine stall at the legendary wholesale produce market. With that kind of deep-rooted connection to the neighborhood in mind, Washington Market Tavern stuns with consistent, excellent cuisine in the ever-changing TriBeCa.

The 4,500-square-foot restaurant sits right on Murray Street, blocks away from tourist packed City Hall. Housed inside an entirely renovated space, Washington Market Tavern channels clean, modern and elegant decor. The restaurant holds two floors, the upstairs dining room as well as the downstair tavern. While the tavern dons a sophisticated, sexy and darker atmosphere, the upstairs welcomes guests with its warm lighting and clean furnishing. Filled with gorgeous cream colored banquettes, the dining room shows a nice touch of technology and humanity, providing USB chargers under both the bar and booths. In the back, a naturally lit, elevated space sits under a beautifully translucent ceiling, perfect for a light-hearted gathering or a romantic candle-lit dinner under the starlight.

On the menu, Chef Aksel Theilkuhl carefully creates a consistency in using seasonal, and market-driven ingredients, as in accordance to the Tavern's name. Chef Theilkuhl is in constant communication with local farms, selecting quality produce, some grown in black dirt farms like Blooming Hills Farms in New York. This selection results in the delectable Spring Carrots, which consists of carrots prepared in different ways, as the carrots are simply amazing, thanks to the minerals of the soil. Chef Theilkuhl's focus on sourcing is shown in the meat and diary as well, as the restaurant boasts in the quality and the freshness.

Divided into four sections, raw, garden, ocean and farm, star dishes have already been chosen by restaurant's royal following. The Champagne & Caviar earned recognition for the beautiful presentation of champagne gelee, deviled egg, oyster cream and caviar; while the Lamb Tartare is adorned with harissa emulsion, black garlic yogurt, and spicy baguette. Over at the drinks menu, Beverage Director Set King follows the focus on the Fresh, using seasonal ingredients, as well as house-made bitters.

Serving traditional American cuisine with a twist of French discipline, Washington Market Tavern wins its guests over with the composition of delightful interior and upbeat dining atmosphere.

Washington Market Tavern

41 Murray St

NY, NY 10007


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