By W. A. Muller

Good Gaming Inc., a subsidiary CMG Holdings Inc., announced the launch of, an eLearning and social networking platform that empowers a new generation of eSports gamers to Game Better.

Good Gaming's mission is simple: provide gamer's with the tools, resources and networking framework they need to go from an aspiring amateur to eSports Champion.

Built by the gaming community for the gaming community, Good Gaming connects gamers with other like-minded enthusiasts, enriching their gaming experience and enhancing their competition, while giving them the opportunity to learn the strategies and 'secrets' of the pros.

"As passionate gamers ourselves, we realized a real need to create a centralized place where gamers can tap into a growing community of accomplished eSports veterans, and develop the skills they need to take their game to the next level," said Mike Beckford, Co-Founder of Good Gaming. "Whether you're looking to gain a competitive edge in World of Warcraft, rise up through PvP competition in League of Legends, or go from amateur to pro in Call of Duty, Good Gaming is the platform for you."
Featuring instructional videos and eLearning guides created by respected contributors across the spectrum of eSports games, players will improve their skill level, gain confidence and have the opportunity to contribute back to the community. Good Gaming's ranked team of contributors will break down gameplay, with step-by-step tutorials and detailed insight into the "Tips n Tricks" needed to increase your skill level and dominate your opponents.

"Since day one, I've been really impressed with the vision for Good Gaming," said Shivity, Good Gaming contributor and top ranked Call of Duty Sniper. "Before Good Gaming, you had to bounce around to multiple sites to find useful insights to improve your skills, or connect with skilled players to play with, but with Good Gaming it's all right at your fingertips, and all in one place."

Players can also take their game to the next level with Good Gaming's exclusive Mercenary System – a revolutionary new feature in eSports gaming. Whatever competitive game you play, skill level you're at, challenge or problem you're looking to overcome, a Mercenary is available to provide you with the hands-on support you need to achieve your goals. Likewise, if you excel at a certain game, function or role, as a member of the Good Gaming community, you can offer your skill-sets and services through the platform's Mercenary System to the highest bidder.

"We really think gamers are going to love the Mercenary System," commented Sam Schwieters, Chief Gamer, Good Gaming. "With the ability to recruit specialists to gain personalized support, or offer your services to the highest bidder, your imagination is really the limit to where it can go."

Memberships to Good Gaming start at only $7.95 per month, and include 1,000 Good Gaming Points that can be used to access premium content across the site, along with an opportunity to gain entry into Good Gaming's upcoming Guaranteed Cash Prize Online Tournaments.

Good Gaming is led by a dedicated team of passionate gamers with thousands of hours of gaming experience, former senior executives from top video game publishers and is backed by CMG Holdings, a publicly traded multi-media company.

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