A Sanctury Upstate

A Sanctury Upstate

By Peizhao Sun

If dealing with stress and rolling eyes isn't part of your daily routine, you are either a true unicorn-incarnate, or you're just way too deep in the Upper East Side ethos. New York is wonderful, but that doesn't give you the right to be in denial about the demanding nature of the bustling and the hustling. Though the bustle and hustle are parts of what makes New York, well, New York, it's no secret that savvy Manhattanites are constantly on the lookout for a slice of paradise to take a break from the city. Why not, then, opt for the direct opposite of the urban circus, and escape to where marvelous and revitalizing pastures stretch beyond concrete jungle's reach? Old Stone Farm in the Hudson Valley, along with its 236-acre of non-interrupted nature and the pastoral paradigm, is hence the quintessential destination for relaxation, rejuvenation and re-discovery.

Sitting in the heart of Duchess County in Staatsburg, NY, the newly renovated Old Stone Farm just opened its door in 2013, and welcomes guests with passion and care. After a meticulously careful restoration and renovation, the 200-year-old farm still preserves its authentic 18th and 19th century buildings, as well as all the antique furnishings and art that maintain Old Stone Farm's spirit. The historical farm also has a nice touch of modern technology, as it is powered with environmentally sustainable solar and geothermal energy.

The luxury country inn, drawing inspiration from the nature it's encased in, offers its guests not only a chance to give the labored body a well-deserving break, but a revitalizing soul-restoration. On its 236-acre of bucolic ground, Old Stone Farm offers a 10-room, beautifully furnished inn, a library, yoga barn, outdoor dinning pavilion, horse barn, indoor and outdoor riding rings, as well as a full-service spa that includes wet rooms and steam sauna cabinets; and the holistic healing experience at the wellness center starts the moment guests arrive on the property, as they are greeted by the ever-stretching pasture and crispy country air.

The gorgeous property offers nine guest rooms and one two-room suite, which are intimately named after the horses on the farm. Spacious and comfortable beds all utilizes organic mattresses and Freette sheets, and all rooms are furnished with private bathrooms, as well as other high-end amenities. The rooms are decorated gorgeously with country antiques and original art that radiate rustic charms. The Secret Room also features inspiring art from artist Ethel Magafan, whose paintings hang in the United States Senate Chamber, as well as a gorgeous collection of antique clocks and timepieces.

Old Stone Farm also provides guests with the opportunity to truly rejuvenate themselves spiritually through its beautiful nature, the incredible yoga barn and the majestic horses available on the farm. The farm itself is surrounded by hundreds of secluded acres of gardens, old cedar forests and maple groves, ponds and streams, hills, valleys, hiking and riding trails, and pastures, perfect for casual, stress-free strolls. The farm also offers the unique opportunity to spend time with horses, who are the heart and soul of the farm itself. At the spa on Old Stone Farm, the best therapists in the Hudson Valley perform wellness treatments like massages, energy healing treatments, facials and wraps.

Dining is nothing but exceptional at Old Stone Farm. At Pop's Kitchen, Chef Matt Gaines crafts an inspiring menu using locally sourced ingredients. From a inventive veggieburgers made with French lentils, bulgur, cremini mushrooms to a warming corn soup, meals are all prepared fresh and scrumptious. Chef Gaines is also able to accommodate guests'different dietary options, whether it be gluten-free or vegan, still utilizing quality local-produce.

With a variety of nature-incorporated activities, and a beautifully renovated facility, Old Stone Farm in the Hudson Valley truly frees its guests of urban strains and allows guests to rediscover a sense of self.

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