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Simply a Better Sleep

Simply a Better Sleep

By Peizhao Sun

Nothing is more natural to us than sleep, and nothing gets better than blissful Z’s coupled with quiet night whispers. Its importance is only resonated in our continual effort in creating the perfect gadget to put our resting bodies on, namely mattresses. From the early Egyptian’s time to present day, more advanced mattress construction techniques have been tested, and new material have gone through trials; but we still aren’t satisfied, whether it’s duck down, feathers, springs or memory foams of today.CASPER-9-9-14-9222_2M-940x626

And just when the public is ready to settle on this plateau of mattress innovation, and accept the complicated process of picking perfection from one of three mattress stores, Casper, whose products launched in April this year, dares to challenge the static market by injecting its own method of not only producing the mattress in the States, but also asserting control over the entire supply chain. Casper has already gained a very loyal following, particularly with the younger yet still affluent demographics, because “customers have been very vocal in telling their friends about it and customers really just find it to be super comfortable; it’s a good deal,” explains Co-Found of Casper, Philip Krim.

So how do Casper mattresses differ from any mattresses currently on the market? It starts with the material, as all Caspers are made with both latex and memory foam in what Casper likes to call a “Luxurious Marriage;” as Krim and his team,“Had some ideas about combining material that no one had ever combined before, and the result is, we’ve created the most comfortable mattress of all time!”
The sleep surface of the Casper conforms to the human body with very minimal sinkage and at the same time relieves pressure from the hip and shoulder areas. And while the memory foam provides firm support, the latex foam layer keeps it cool and gives the perfect bounce that most foam mattresses lack.Casper_P51-940x518

Casper’s control over its supply chain allows for lower prices, but it doesn’t stop there. The mattress, made by hand in America, adopts a direct sale to consumer strategy, and is delivered both locally in New York, as well as nationally through UPS. Because of the material choice, the mattress is able to fit into a mini-fridge sized box and is delivered easily.

As for being located in New York, Krim says that he and his team “Love being a made in New York company, and [he doesn’t] think there’s a better place on earth to start a consumer-focused technology enabled company.”

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While savvy Manhattanites are slowly catching up to the trend and take that leap onto the new level of heightened sleep quality, Casper is busy with work and “[has] a new product that will be coming out down the road. ”Krim says hopefully, “It’s still very early. We have a long way to go.”

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