Feasting on Kobe

Feasting on Kobe

By Peizhao Sun

Kobe beef is no joke. Known for its flavor, tenderness and fatty, well-marbled texture, the Japanese delicacy is marveled at also for its incredible rarity, as Kobe beef's annual production is as low as some 4,000 heads. For its very rarity, Kobe beef hasn't been exported at all, until recently in 2012. However, though with exportation ban lifted and the delicacy's celebrity rings throughout the world, less than a handful of restaurants have been awarded certifications from the Kobe Beef Distribution & Promotion Council to serve legitimate, 100% high quality Kobe beef; which brings the good news — being one of the few certified restaurants, New Yorkers finally can indulge in Kobe at 212 Steakhouse.

Though sitting on restaurant studded East 53rd street, 212 Steakhouse stands out among others not only for its top of the grade steaks and matching high-quality service, which have earned the restaurant a name among steak-connoisseurs, its unpretentious atmosphere and lighthearted environment has also earned the restaurant a loyal following. The Kobe-serving spot dons a rich and sophisticated look with dark wood and leather furnishing. Minimalistic art pieces hang loosely around while ambient lighting illuminates the 100-seat restaurant. The simplicity in decor gives the restaurant a chic and seductive modernity that allows guests' attention to flow to the wide-array of gorgeously prepared Kobe, wagyu and seafood.

The attention is, of course, deservingly on the Kobe beef as owner Nikolay Volper has completed the extensive training in Japan for certification. The understanding of the rare delicacy granted by this long training process is then translated into proper preparation and presentation of Kobe steaks at 212 Steakhouse.
Wanting to offer something that's unique and outstanding, Volper has put together a menu that showcases the Kobe specialty, as well as premium Japanese wagyu, wagyu hybrids from Australia and the U.S. and dry aged USDA beef. Kobe beef at 212 comes in three types — ribeye, striploin and tenderloin. Aside from the Kobe wagyu, 212 also offers Australian, American and Japanese wagyu steaks ranging from porterhouse to strip loin.

The same desire of wanting to create something unique resonates in the wine selection as well as the rest of the menu. Instead of serving a classic steakhouse favorite, creamed spinach, 212 serves a delicious spinach soup for example. At the steakhouse, rarely seen wines are also offered by the ounce.

Serving up real Japanese Kobe in Midtown Manhattan, 212 Steakhouse is for sure the spot New Yorkers seeking quality, taste and authenticity need!

212 Steakhouse
316 East 53rd Street
New York, NY 10022

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