Kudos to Crudos

Kudos to Crudos

By Peizhao Sun

Dining is quite like fashion. While designers map out the season's new black, chefs dig through markets for the"it"ingredients; however, regardless of how many shades of lime or sapphire later, black still holds its supreme throne for elegance and poise. Though it may not return every season, it's never out of style; and at Wayfarer on 57th street, seafood is then, the black on the runway everyone cherishes. Housed inside the Quin Hotel, the bi-level restaurant serves high-quality oceanic delicacies with sophistication and freshness. If fish was never an item in your dining Rolodex, at the Wayfarer, you will have plenty of opportunities to say kudos to crudos.

Sitting below Central Park, the Wayfarer is situated right on 6th avenue. Housed inside the newly opened, five-star luxury hotel —the Quin, the restaurant features a 3,700 square foot, 130-seat dining room. Adorned in gorgeous leathers, the sexy dining room dons a new-old hybrid decor, with warm-colored banquettes and classy wooden furnishing that draws inspirations from the 1970s'disco theme, as well as the classic "Old"New York of the 1800s'. Seconds within the stablishment, guests'attentions are immediately snatched by the amount of fascinating pop-art pieces and the accompanying atmosphere. Art continues in the lounge on the second floor, complementing the subtle and elegant space.

While art rules the decor at the Wayfarer, fish reigns supreme. Crafted by none other than Braden Reardon, the menu sports high-end seafood dishes with such focus that out of the nine sections, eight are more or less dedicated to the little black dress that is fish. Under the Fish & Shellfish category, an exciting San Francisco-style Cioppino is already a hit among loyal followers; and for those seafood connoisseurs, the Royale fulfills the ultimate seafood indulgence, serving three platters filled with oysters, clams, mussels, lobster, scallops, crab, tuna and hamachi. The grand champion, however, is in fact the Nova Scotia Lobster; the 2lb lobster is split and roasted whole and is served with lemon beurrenoisette.

Accompanying the impressively seafood-heavy menu is an equally spectacular drinks menu crafted by mixologist Christian Sanders. Custom-made especially for the Wayfarer, the cocktail menu boasts drinks like the Columbus Side Car, highlighted with apricot liqueur and fig bitters, or the Man About Town.

Whether it's the black on the runway, or the fish on the table, the Wayfarer at the Quin Hotel never disappoints with its chic and elegant style.

The Wayfarer
101 W 57th St
New York, NY 10019

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