Dive in!

Dive in!

By Peizhao Sun

On the main-stage of fine dining, clam seems to never escape the fate of the opening act. While it dances and excites in forms of either chilled, succulent raw platter, or savory clam chowder, the spotlight shines on the headliners still. Fortunately, for those who applaud this oceanic delicacy, newly opened shellfish-heavy fixture, The Clam, offers Manhattanites something they didn't know they wanted. With a cleverly calibrated atmosphere and impeccable taste, The Clam serves up contemporary American seafood that oozes excellence and lets New Yorkers fall in love with clam all over again.

Located at 420 Hudson Street, The Clam is the newest creation from chef-restaurateur duo Mike Price and Joey Campanaro, who brings the same, if not more refined, elegance and quality in their other inventions to this West Village spot. The 50-seat restaurant dons a gentle atmosphere that's accompanied by welcoming service and executes sophisticated simplicity in its interior decor. Sleek, black leather chairs and banquettes line the dining room furnished in dark wood floor, while minimalistic art pieces hang against a quaint brick-wall backdrop. With large windows embracing the restaurant, guests are greeted with not only the calm ambience, but also the twinkling and dancing lights of the village from within.
The decor here isn't the real star, however, as the clam-inspired menu features a generous variety of clam dishes. Though some dishes are more innovative and fresh than others, Chef and Co-Owner Mike Price maintains the consistency with mastery and the menu he has crafted celebrates seasonal and market-driven ingredients, with a focus on the Atlantic seaboard.

The menu is cleverly divided into five sections, of which the house specialty features most of the clam-inspired dishes that bridge both the large and small plates. On the appetizer side, Diver Scallop Crudo wins guests over with its incredibly refreshing taste, and is prepared with red blush pear, hazelnuts, chives and lime. The Steamed Littlenecks also charms for its delectable broth and the flavorful bread served on the side, perfect for dipping. The quality is kept consistent and is carried over in also its iced shellfish, meat and local seafood entrées.

Offering genuine hospitality and excellent cuisine, The Clam has easily established itself as a precious neighborhood joint. The gorgeous restaurant's deserving reputation assures both loyal patrons and new guests exceptional dining experience as the Clam continues to deliver shellfish-heavy dishes.

420 Hudson Street
NY, NY 10014

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