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Liliya Chernova – The Skin Care Expert behind “The Perfect Facial”

Liliya Chernova – The Skin Care Expert behind “The Perfect Facial”

By Clara Morgan

Madison Avenue is New York City’s most fashionable address for skin beautification. It’s also home to one of New York’s most renowned skin care and beauty specialists – Liliya Chernova – of The Perfect Facial, Inc. With more than 20 years’ experience in skin care at the most exclusive beauty companies in Manhattan, Liliya is passionate about helping her clients achieve more radiant, healthy, and youthful skin.

Using techniques from around the world, Liliya specializes in deep pore cleansing facials, anti-aging facials to facials, which accentuate the work of plastic surgeons. Clients of all ages, celebrity clientele, women and men with different skin conditions, coWellnesss-p1me to her from all over the world – including Australia, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, and UK.

A graduate of the famous French Bruno Chikly School, Liliya offers advanced Lymph Drainage techniques to treat problem areas such as wrinkles, eye lids, face lifts as well as acne, spots, scars and broken capillaries. Her work can also help to reduce healing time for pre- and post-surgical and laser patients by detoxifying skin tissue. Building on her previous work in the skin care field, Liliya deepened her focus when she studied Reiki healing energy. Reiki is a form of non-physical natural healing energy that works in conjunction with other therapeutic techniques to alleviate physical, emotional, and mental stress while promoting recovery. Also trained in paramedical aesthetics, Liliya keeps up-to-date with the  latest scientific discoveries in skin treatments. One of her specialties are her paramedical pre- and post- surgical facials which dramatically enhance the results of any doctor’s procedures and medical aesthetician’s treatments. If you are considering facial surgery, Botox, fillers, lasers, or medical facials, you should also consider a facial with Liliya to enhance the final result. Liliya’s facials are a based on the philosophy of taking care of the skin utilizing her remarkable healing hands as the main part of her facial. At the same time she is unique in combining hands-on facials with advanced machine techniques.

In 2009 she was in Ireland to complete the “Rising Star Healing System” where she trained at the hands of world-renowned spiritual teacher, psychotherapist, healer and instrument of Divine energy – Derek O’Neill. His teachings widened Liliya’s perspective on the mind-body-spirit connection in effective skin care. “It is not just about your face. It is about how you feel,” she says. “Your skin must reflect and awaken your inner beauty for optimal results to blossom”.

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Liliya is also passionate about the importance of exercising and massaging facial muscles to look younger and more attractive. “Perhaps fifty percent of the appearance of aging in the face is a result of tension,” she says. “The more tension –  the more wrinkles on our face. If we don’t exercise and massage our face, facial muscles become weak, tense and flabby, facial skin becomes dull and sagging.” She says facial muscles need to “work” – to lift, expand, contract and receive lifegiving oxygen in order to stay healthy, fit and beautiful. Liliya recommends following facial yoga exercises from the book, “The Yoga Face” by Annelise Hagen, who teaches her popular program at the New York Health and Racquet Club.

By merging the science of skin therapy with the art of healing energy, Liliya ensures every patient leaving her surgery looks good and feels great. Discover why she one of the most sought-after beauty therapists in New York. New clients receive a 15 minute complimentary face-lift massage.
The Perfect Facial
635 Madison Avenue, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10022

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