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A Perfect Fit at the Empire State Building

A Perfect Fit at the Empire State Building

By Peizhao Sun

Empire State, the ultimate icon of American modernity, is both of New York, and of the world. As the tourist hotspot attracts millions of globetrotters eager to take in the bright lights, Empire State building’s fame reaches new skyscraping heights. Sitting on West 34th and Fifth Avenue, the towering building claimed the throne as the tallest building in the world for almost 40 years following its 1931 completion. Now, the aged yet vibrant building is getting its first official restaurant – STATE Grill and Bar, operated by the exquisite Patina Restaurant Group. Serving elegant New American cuisine in America’s most beloved skyscraper, STATE Grill and Bar is here to bring excellence to New Yorkers and travelers alike.

State - New York, NY
State – New York, NY


Walking into STATE Grill’s ground floor location, the elegant restaurant’s chic modernity stands out immediately, as minimalistic decorations hang against a clean space. Inspired by Empire State itself, the interior of STATE is sleek, sharp and very much influenced by the Art Deco style. The modernity and the retro art deco style blend seamlessly and the end result is much resembling of the icon it’s housed in. Quaint, sophisticated banquettes line the walls against a wooden backdrop as diners look through the glass, either at chef Octavio Becerra behind the open kitchen, or at the bustling midtown crowd treading outside.StateGrillBar-292-620x413

State Grill and Bar’s menu is largely driven by the focus on fresh and seasonal market ingredients from the Hudson Valley to North Fork, and guarantees palatable bites. Following some warm bread paired with fresh butter churned in-house, State Grill and Bar offers classic entrees and inventive bites. There’s the succulent Grilled Berkshire Pork Chop with stone-ground grits and dandelion greens, cooked to perfection, alongside a Lamb T-Bone with romesco and eggplant. The menu also features a large selection of seafoods, offering oysters as well as the refreshing lobster salad and bacon-lettuce-tomato-and-lobster sandwich. Being vegetarian friendly, the restaurant also features extensive vegetarian options such as the Onion-Tomato Tart with cloumage ricotta, Linguine with oyster mushrooms, or the caramelized and charred Cauliflower Steak.

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Serving upscale, elegant, New American cuisine in one of the world’s most iconic sky-scrapers, State Grill and Bar offers more than just a marvelous meal; its high standards and attention to details have made the restaurant truly exquisite like New York, and is deserving of your next visit.

STATE Bar and Grill
350 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10001

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