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Chic Modernity Meets UWS

Chic Modernity Meets UWS

By Peizhao Sun

New York is a beacon. While to each their own interpretation of the glimmer and shine, this sleepless beacon has brought in countless pilgrims for whom the light of New York is the guiding star on the path to urban enlightenment. Rather than the kindness of heart and good intentions, however, boutique hotels sprinkled around town accommodate the modern travelers’ voyage in the Big Apple. With more than a handful of hotels up and down town, no one answers the question of “how to stand out” better than NYLO’s Upper West Side installment, as the gorgeous boutique hotel is all about signatures, trademarks and emblems that make NYLO NYC instantly recognizable. Combining artistry, high-end hospitality with NYLO’s loft lifestyle hotel philosophy, NYLO NYC on the Upper West Side does not disappoint.LOCLBar2-2-SMALL-620x386

Located on Broadway by West 77th street, and overlooking both Central Park and the Hudson River, the views are spectacular. Sitting among the quaint, quiet and classic environment and architecture of the Upper West, its signature urban, industrial design, instead of clashing, blends perfectly with the dashing neighborhood. Drawing inspirations from the energy, color and fashions of New York’s Jazz Era, the interior decor at the 285-room, 33-suite hotel is nothing short of a work of art. Stepping inside NYLO, immediately guests are greeted by the retro-themed decor inside the hotel lobby, reminiscent of eras past. The lobby features a piano lounge and a beautifully adorned library that has kept a piece of history – an original fireplace dating back to 1910, ensuring guests’ stay is cozy and satisfying.Suite1605Balcony-SMALL-620x410

The hotel features 285 rooms and 33 suites, all of which furnished in all new custom designs and decors. The dominant, warm palette of grays and blues is paired with more vibrant color seen through the accents within each room — hanging lamps, metals doors on cabinets. Most rooms, as well as most of the hotel itself, features gorgeous, curated artwork from local artists that deserve more than just a passing glance. Aside from the marvelous aesthetics seen in the rooms, NYLO also takes pride in its NYLO NYTE Bed, whose signature, industry-leading comfort guarantees guests excellent relaxation. Luxurious rooms and suites on the upper levels, as well as the outdoor terrace, boast an incredible, sweeping view of not only New York’s world-renowned skyline, but also the serenity of picturesque Central Park and Hudson River. The modern and elegant hotel also offers the best of amenities, as well as a beautiful fitness center.PanoramicRoom-SMALL-620x419

The chic hotel also brings the best of Manhattan dining to its guests, offering two dazzling restaurants and one sizzling bar and llounge. Serafina, located on the ground floor, prepares palatable, fresh pastas, pizzas as well as other entrees. Inviting aromas of freshly baked oven pizza permeates the gorgeously adorned dining room while guests peek at quiet UWS scenery through the large windows only highlight the quiet yet vibrant atmosphere at Serafina. The neighboring RedFarm, crafted by master chef Joe Ng and restauranteur Ed Schoenfeld, serves inventive Chinese cuisine, and is the destination for dim sum connoisseurs. Serving dishes inspired by market fresh ingredients, RedFarm serves some of the most signature dim sums among others. LOCL bar, the chic bar and lounge located on the ground floor, brings sexy energy to the elegant hotel and serves some classic cocktails next to the bar’s own delicious inventions. The spacious lounge offers guest the perfect opportunity to rewind after a long day in the city, featuring cozy banquets and seats.FullBar2-SMALL-620x427

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Blending Jazz era charm with NYLo signature loft lifestyle, NYLo NYC offers tasteful accommodation in Upper West Side and deservingly stands out to visitors and Manhattanites alike.

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