Dine and Dash

Dine and Dash

By Peizhao Sun

Dining in Manhattan is a little bit ritualistic when you think about it, what with the routine scrambling-to-the-hostess walk, the sitting-at-the-bar-while-my-date-comes wait, and of course, at long last, the how-to-split-the bill math session. It is no secret that going dutch is the new black, it has in fact been in fashion for ages among Manhattanites; but should going dutch really be the time to think "how much is this times fifteen percent then divided by two" as you stumble through the check? Dash is very clear in their answer to that question, and it is a solid no. Speeding up the payment process while maintaining humanity, Dash is the newest app to make your Friday night effortless and swift.

Dash is a new mobile payment platform that essentially changes the night-out experience by eliminating the wait for the bill. It cleverly integrates features that allow users to check-in, view, split, and pay their tab directly from their smartphones. It is not only simple to sign up for Dash, to enter your payment options into the app is also uncomplicated. With a few taps, user will be set up to use Dash. Thanks to proprietary patented technology that allows for users' mobile devices to be directly integrated into merchants' point-of-sales systems, Dash allows for a seamless experience on both sides of the restaurant transaction. Dash now also offers Venue Vibes, a feature that shows the "vibe" of the venue with the indicators "lively," "active," "relaxed," and "quiet" – before patrons even step foot inside.

To use Dash, users simply need to let their waiter or bartender that they are paying with Dash. The restaurant staff will then connect the guest's tab with the venue's POS system, which allows the items ordered to appear in real-time on their phone. After the meal, then, guests can easily finish the payment. Users also can invite their friends, who are also using Dash, to add them to the bill, which then allows seamless bill-splitting experience.

The conception of Dash, as CEO and co-founder Jeff McGregor puts it, sprang from principle that "few things feel better than paying your restaurant or bar tab on-the-go"; and that table of five over there who just missed their show due to payment conflict couldn't agree more. With the amount of users on the rise, don't be surprised, Manhattanites, when your next meal is paid through Dash.

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