Put Your Best Foot Forward

Put Your Best Foot Forward

By Clara Morgan

Winter is upon us, and along with it often comes cold toes and feet. Award-winning podiatrist Dr. Suzanne Levine offers tips on ways to keep your feet warm feet during the cold winter months.

1. Moisturization and Hydration
Keeping ones feet well moisturized is key to warm feet, because in winter months, skin tends to get dry and can crack. Cracks in skin let the cold in so moisturizing in the winter is especially important. When moisturizing your feet, start at your toes and move towards the heel. Always massage towards the heart to increases circulation, which will in turn help keep you warm. General hydration is also very important so be certain to drink plenty of water.
2. Exercise Your Feet
Exercise helps improve circulation and therefore warms up ones feet. Dr. Levine suggests feet exercises including a gas pedal pumping simulation exercise, or writing the alphabet with your toes, which can be done wearing shoes or boots. At home, try massaging the soles of the feet with a tennis ball.

3. Cut Down on Caffeine, Cigarettes or Anything that Restricts Blood Flow
Caffeine and cigarettes are known to narrow the blood vessels and constrict blood flow throughout the body, especially the feet. After smoking one cigarette, the blood flow to the feet can be reduced significantly. Some good news: a cocktail or glass of wine actually relaxes blood vessels and can increase circulation.
4. Wear Two Pairs of Socks
In addition to providing extra warmth to your feet, wearing two pairs of socks provides extra cushion that provides comfort and can.
5. Calm Your Nerves
When we think of "cold feet" it relates to nervous jitters. Nerves can be one of the key problems to cold feet. Meditation is a great way to lower stress levels and relax muscles and nerve endings.

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