The Image Expert

The Image Expert

By Hillary Latos

With over 13 years of experience in the fashion industry, Erika Chloe saw a niche in the market and started a new industry called image consulting. With a background in textile design from FIT to stints at Harper's Bazaar and designing for Bloomingdales and Lord and Taylor, she put her skill set to work and pursued her passion for helping others. As a style maven and makeover expert, Resident chated with Erika about her company and tips for developing your own style.

Resident: What are you doing now?
Erika Chloe: In 2008, I launched, a fashion consulting company which is like styling on steroids. We blow it up and make you into your own brand through your styling what you wear and doing image, beauty, and extreme makeovers for men and women. Once we get done with our part with the visual aspects of clothing and grooming we then have a full team of experts for additional work. We also do personal shopping to really create your self-brand. Sometimes people see themselves as a certain way and there's a disconnect we try to match the inside with the outside. You are on display and how you present yourself to the world is huge and people don't put enough consideration into it.

Resident: Who are your clients?
Erika: We capture a wide range of clients from CEOs to athletes and politicians. We also have a corporate department and work with Fortune 500 companies, hotels, restaurants and fashion brands. For hospitality clients, we'll come in and we create a unified front between the brand and the employee through the non verbal elements such as clothing, grooming, makeup, body language, and tone of speech. Now I'm more focused growing this side of the business.

Resident: Any tips for an image makeover?
Erika: Because fashion is changing so quickly its hard to figure out what looks good on you and what doesn't and to try new things can be daunting. Think about it in terms of your house when you go to decorate. How do you want it to look, how do you want it to make you feel. Apply that to your wardrobe and self brand. Figure out what message you want to send to people and feeling you want to create. You're on display for the world to see.

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