Tournesol Wellness does it best

Tournesol Wellness does it best

By Serafin

Tournesol Wellness Center is like no other wellness center in Manhattan. Actually, it is like no other "place" in New York. Tournesol is unique… an oasis… a haven… a magical world that you enter and don't want to leave.

Being a business owner, I am eternally seeking stress reduction, healthier alternatives and, above all, lots of pampering. I frequent spas and wellness centers, in addition to a regular schedule of dance and yoga classes… always searching for just the right thing. I found it at Tournesol Wellness.

Deciding how to pamper myself was fun, since Tournesol hosts 30 holistic modalities and 40 integrative specialists. I chose an hour of Therapeutic Massage and an hour of the highly touted, Vibroacoustic Therapy, which is exclusive to Tournesol and combines the physical vibrations of music with vibrations of pulsed, low, single frequency tones to release tension, focus awareness and restore vitality.
Upon entering the front dosor, you sense as if you have stumbled upon Shangri la. Patricia Belfanti warmly greeted me and made me feel as if I were home. Heidi Gerber, my massage therapist, listened to my "challenges" and dicussed the best course of action.

I cannot begin to explain how close to nirvana I was when finished. I didn't want to leave and signed up for the Live Well Program so that I could continue the experience.

We all struggle to achieve and maintain balance in our lives. There are career demands, maintaining a certain lifestyle, getting and staying healthy, being informed, staying up-to-date with technology, sustaining our social contacts, cultivating our aesthetics AND looking good while doing it all. Whew, I am exhausted and stressed just thinking about it!

Well, Carey Davidson, Founder and CEO of Tournesol Wellness, IS achieving it all. Upon meeting Carey, one is awed by the beauty and light emanating from and surrounding her. She's effervescent – all of the time – while running Tournesol and, as a single mother, raising three children. She makes it look effortless.

Carey didn't always have it all, but her journey for a better life culminated in the spectacular Tournesol Wellness Center. Carey, one of six children, grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. Her parents divorced when she was 5, and her family struggled financially. She married at 20, had 3 children, and lost her sense of self in a co-dependent marriage. Five years ago, she was divorced and, as her community distanced themselves, had no support network and felt isolated. In a nutshell, Carey decided not to be a victim, took charge and sold her home to start Tournesol.

Tournesol Wellness Center is an integrative medical center, that guides you through the process of coordinating holistic care. Carey's achievement is amazing.

26 East 36th Street
NY, NY 10016

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