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Veggie-Forward at The Little Beet Table

Veggie-Forward at The Little Beet Table

By Peizhao Sun

The rising popularity of kale tells of two things, first, we’ve finally come to terms with the fact that, well, bacon grease actually isn’t that great, and second, we’ve got a cheery storm of healthy, nutritious, and positive vegetable trends coming. While some chefs busy themselves with locating the best produce, others recognize kale’s tip-of-the-iceberg status, and delve deeper to rediscover incredible, often underrated ingredients. Little Beet Table, the spin-off of the popular eatery Little Beet, is the latest creation from chef Franklin Becker, whose aim for better living through quality ingredients and healthful eating gave Little Beet Table the organic menu it boasts. Using simple yet top-grade ingredients, Little Beet Table brings New York the flavor it craves and the health-bite it needs.TheLittleBeetTableProofs-078-620x412

Sitting on Park Avenue between 24th and 25th street, Little Beet Table dons a warm and simple decor. While lights bounce off the cream white walls, mismatched tables and chairs line the restaurant against simplistic brick, as well as exposed wooden beams. Together with potted plants and overall lighter hues, Little Beet Table creates an atmosphere that’s both comfortable and intimate, which ultimately brings the focus back to the dazzling dishes.

The menu follows chef Franklin Becker’s aim to promote better eating and better living, and offers a very green, very vegetarian (but don’t fret, meat-lovers!), and very organic selection of dishes. On top of a section entirely dedicated to vegetables, Little Beet Table makes sure it doesn’t stop there. In the appetizer section, there’s the creamy and flavorful white bean and kale soup with parmesan, as well as the refreshing baby kale, prepared with pine nuts, currants & pecorino. There’s also inventive dishes such as the Quinoa “Risotto,” made with seasonal ingredients, as well as two kinds of puree to keep the classic dish’s signature creamy consistency.TheLittleBeetTableProofs-001-620x412

Although Little Beet Table has a great focus on vegetables, as chef Becker puts it, it isn’t necessarily a vegetarian restaurant; Rather, it’s a spot that happens to serve really healthy food, which resulted in the balanced and nutritious protein dishes such as the LBT burger, with roasted tomato, potato crunch and bacon. The menu is rounded out with a organic drinks menu, which features items made with spirits like Prairie Organic Vodka, biodynamic wines, and gluten-free beers.

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Serving healthy, tasty food in a equally delightful environment, Little Beet Table in the Flatiron District promotes health, taste, and fresh ingredients, and is deserving of a visit from wellness-seeking Manhattanites!

Little Beet Table
333 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10010

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