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‘Cinq’ Star Dining Experience At The Hotel George V Paris

‘Cinq’ Star Dining Experience At The Hotel George V Paris

By Norah Bradford

Ask any seasoned international traveler their list of favorite hotels or fantasy visit list and among their choices will invariably be the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, France. This is against a backdrop of stiff competition. The Paris Ritz is due to reopen later this 2015 after having been closed for what feels like an eternity for refurbishment. Hotel Le Crillon is likewise being refurbished and when they both reopen will form the core of Paris’s luxury hotels for the next century.Le-Cinq-001

Superlatives abound in terms of the rooms, the quality of service and luxury ambience of this flagship destination. Whilst Paris has a wide array of dining options the inhouse two-Michelin star accredited restaurant ‘Le Cinq’ is a must visit for lunch or dinner.

Aiming for a third Michelin Star new chef Christian Le Squer has created an amazing dining experience reminiscent of the artistry of establishments such as El Bulli and The Fat Duck and grounded in a thoroughly French culinary tradition.Le-Cinq-002

For example amongst the appetizers try the Gratinated Onions Contemporary ‘Parisian Style’ – it is a unique take on a staple dish and you will not be disappointed by your selection. Amongst the entrees stand out choices include (in season) Grouse from Scotland a’la Royale or the line fished Sea Bass with caviar.

The desserts are exquisitely crafted and although delicious there is a slight tinge of guilt afterwards at consuming a thing of beauty – such is the quality of preparation and attention to presentation. The dark chocolate with caramel milk and lightly iced is an experience you will remember and talk about sometime after departing the restaurant.

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After dining for lunch you can only think about how lucky you were to experience Le Cinq before it acquires its inevitable third Michelin star at which point a table will become another coveted experience to compete for…

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