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Pioneering Pleasure

Pioneering Pleasure

By Kate Motzenbacker 

We’re not what you expected. Far from the seedy adult book stores with blacked-out windows and ancient carpeting, The Pleasure Chest is a chic and welcoming adult boutique that has found a home on the Upper East Side. Called the “Sephora of sex toys” by the Wall Street Journal, we make shopping for your sex life a fun, stress-free, and even glamorous experience.PleasureChest-01072015-04_001

This month, we partnered with Jimmyjane, the creators of design-centric pleasure products, to unveil “Pioneering Pleasure,” an installation that showcases the innovative efforts that both of our companies have made over the years. Pioneering Pleasure highlights the major cultural and category milestones that have helped bring pleasure products a positive, mainstream spotlight. The exhibit also celebrates the release of Jimmyjane’s newest offering, Hello Touch X, the first product to put both vibration and electro stimulation at your fingertips, for sexual health benefits as well as pleasure applications. Guests who visit us during the Pioneering Pleasure exhibition, open from now through February 28th, can interact with Jimmyjane’s entire collection in an inviting atmosphere.

“Jimmyjane’s elegant, versatile designs reflect the values that have shaped The Pleasure Chest,” says Sarah Tomchesson, our Director of Business Development and Strategy. “They’re extremely well-made, but more than that, they’re alluring. They invite experimentation.”PleasureChest-01072015-01_001

This is a remarkable time in our industry: pleasure is being recognized as an integral part of our overall health, Fifty Shades of Grey has brought conversations about sexuality to mainstream audiences, and customers now seek out high-quality pleasure products. Even before the recent shift, both Jimmyjane and The Pleasure Chest have consistently been leaders in our field. Since 2004, Jimmyjane has leveraged design and innovation to elevate the pleasure product category, setting a new standard for modern aesthetics, quality designs, and body safe materials. As the oldest operating adult boutique, The Pleasure Chest has been promoting education and a shame-free approach to sex since 1971. From our appearance on Sex and the City that introduced women everywhere to the Rabbit to our free weekly workshops and private home parties on topics from blow jobs to body confidence, we’ve been at the forefront of a movement to make pleasure accessible to everyone.

“The idea for Hello Touch X came after the wave of excitement around Fifty Shades of Grey where we saw couples exploring new experiences in the bedroom. Jimmyjane’s approachable presentation of e-stim is an invitation to explore an entirely new sensation,” observed Alicia Sinclair, Jimmyjane’s VP of Worldwide Sales and Business Development.

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, this is the perfect time to explore something new. What better way to celebrate love and desire than to discover something you didn’t know that you wanted?

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