Healthful Intentions…Great Taste!

Healthful Intentions…Great Taste!

By Brooke Girard

estled on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Downing Street in West Village, Café Clover specializes in delicious, health-oriented meals with affordable prices. A creation from the minds of partners David Rabin, previously of The Lambs Club, Kyle Hotchkiss Carone, and executive chef David Standridge, this state of the art café opened its doors last month and has become quite a hit amongst the New York dining circuit.

Café Clover is a 70-seat restaurant with a spacious, triangular dining room. Described as casual elegance, this West Village café was designed by Steven Gambrel with a white-and-blue color scheme. Using plaster casts from artists' works, such as Alberto Giacometti and Max Ernst, created light fixtures to contrast antique mirrors lining the walls.

The health-inspired menu is a combined effort between Standridge and consultant Mike Roussell, PhD and Director of Nutrition at Peak Performance. Roussell provided insight into crafting Standridge's usual heavy dinners into lighter portioned options that still capture the appetizing taste that diners desire. With their expertise, Standridge and Roussell unfold a menu that satisfies cravings in a healthy manner. One such example of the changes made to typical restaurant dishes, is the use of coconut oil in place of butter in the roast Nova Scotia lobster meal. This minor difference highlights delightful flavor without the unnecessary extra calories.

Several notable appetizers include a sweet gem wedge with chia seeds, shaved roots and fine herbs, the Octopus a la Plancha with cauliflower, new potatoes and chili, and the Market Crudité bowl with green goddess, smoked vinegar, and sesame ranch dressings.

The mouth-watering main course dishes are masterpieces of Standridge, such as the Organic Scottish Salmon with spaghetti squash, turnip greens, and black trumpet, as well as a beef lover's dream, the Local Pasture-Raised Striploin with Brussel's sprouts and olive oil potato puree. For vegetarians, the Cauliflower "Steak" with romesco and vegetable chutney is a popular choice.

Not only does the eatery serve impeccable cuisine, Café Clover also offers an full bar under the reins of bartender Johnny Swet, previously of The Skylark and Jimmy. One of Swet's specialties is the Gold Rush, mixing Bullbeit bourbon, clover honey, and lemon. Swet's drinks have a strong taste, but nutritional value is also considered, going along with Rabin's overall vision of clean eating.

Reflected through the restaurant's dedication in delivering an extraordinary experience for each guest, Café Clover's atmosphere is inviting to those who seek healthier dining options.

Cafe Clover
10 Downing Street
NY, NY 10014

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