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By Irene Grafman, D.D.S.

Patient wanted a natural smile. Her severely worn teeth were bonded to restore youth to her smile and give her a more balanced appearance.
Patient wanted a natural smile. Her severely worn teeth were bonded to restore youth to her smile and give her a more balanced appearance.

It would surprise you how many ways a dentist can help with your quest for youth.  Through modern dentistry we can not only help change the shape of your teeth, but the shape of your face and make you look and feel younger – without surgery or fillers.  Cosmetic procedures are the most commonly known and practiced anti-aging procedures, but a new wave of dentistry is not only looking at your teeth but at your overall health.  Your personal anti-aging prescription are found in these 3 main aspects of your smile and health:

1. Aesthetics (Whitening, Bonding, & Veneers)
Whitening is the easiest way to take a few years off your appearance and to brighten your smile. Reversing this discoloration is an easy and inexpensive way to fight the aging process.

Bonding is one of the most conservative procedures to whiten and reshape your teeth and thus, your smile. With bonding we can lengthen, straighten and even whiten teeth while not having to take away tooth structure. If your teeth are poorly shaped, crooked, discolored or worn down, bonding can completely redesign your smile and improve the shape of your face.

Veneers are one of the fastest and most effective ways to create a youthful smile. By creating a white, straight, and well proportioned smile, we can remove years off of your appearance. Porcelain Veneers allow us to improve severely misshapen teeth, reposition crooked teeth and lengthen ground down short teeth.IMG_3371_001_small

2. Facial Development
Facial aging is due to loss of volume of both hard and soft tissue. During the aging process, we lose fatty tissue, and the bones of the face shrink in size. As the bones shrink, our skin starts to sag, creating the appearance of wrinkles. Traditionally this loss of volume has been replaced with injections of facial dermal filler such as Restylane®. The revolutionary appliances I work with help increase bone volume, which treats the underlying problem and decreases the appearance of wrinkles, lines and folds; therefore giving you a more balanced appearance. Additionally, you will find improvements with a wider smile, higher cheekbones, less tired looking eyes, as well as improved quality of sleep. The most amazing part is these only worn at night.

The way your face develops also affects development of your jaws and how your teeth come together. Re-establishing a correct bite will improve the proportions of the face and make you look younger.

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3. Improve quality of Sleep
Lack of sleep affects not only your energy and quality of life but how you look (and function). It’s the little things like bags under the eyes and a drawn appearance that make you look older. Poor sleep can be due to many factors. After a complete evaluation we, together, decide on the best form of treatment for your situation. One of the best ways to instantly achieve better quality sleep is through an oral sleep appliance which will change your wellbeing in ways you can’t even imagine and take years off your face while adding years to your life.

In my practice, since I focus primarily on anti-aging, I have developed a whole person approach to making you look and feel younger through alternative dentistry. Through extensive continuing education in all areas of dental, holistic, and aesthetic approaches, I have developed and easy and relaxed way for you to achieve youth and health.

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