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Johnny On The Spot – Celebrity Grime Fighter fills you in on the dirty little details

Johnny On The Spot – Celebrity Grime Fighter fills you in on the dirty little details

By W. A. Muller


“Johnny On The Spot” is actually John Mahdessian, the President and owner of The Madame Paulette Organization. Resident sat down with John to discuss details on why every garment he touches look like new!

Resident: Why are you the best in NYC, possibly the world?
John Mahdessian: Our cornerstone is our attention to detail, and our business model is unprecedented in the industry. We possess the knowledge and experience to exceed our clients’ expectations, so we are willing to tackle challenges that most other cleaners would refuse.

R: How do you cope with new fabrics?
JM: Fashion houses are constantly coming up with new compositions.Suede-Dress-n-boots-Copy_small-600x1043

R: How do you know how to handle it?
JM: Working hand-in-hand with many designers (including Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa, Vera Wang and Angel Sanchez), we test their fabrics and pre-production pieces to dictate proper care labels for FTC compliance. We are challenged daily with new fabric compositions that do not respond to conventional cleaning methods. We take all precautionary measures to methodically test fabrics, embellishments, and trimmings to dictate which methods will safely clean these new fabric compositions and finished creations. Madame Paulette has some of the biggest names in the industry using their services.

R: Name one of your biggest and best fashion clients?
JM: Anna Wintour is by far one of our very favorite long-standing clients. Understanding and preserving fashion history is what we live for; so of course, Anna is by far unmatched! Maintaining her garments on a regular basis is an honor; but cleaning, restoring, digitally cataloging and preserving every one-of-a-kind haute couture creation she showcases is an experience beyond one’s wildest dreams!Leather-Runway-Small-600x903

R: We hear that you are the longest standing commercial tenant in the landmark building the “Manhattan House”?
JM: Yes, this is accurate as our flagship boutique located at 1255 Second Avenue (between 65th and 66th Streets) has been at the same location for over 55 years. This is where Grace Kelly and Benny Goodman lived. Thinking about how much money I paid in rent over the last 55 years makes me cringe. I could have bought the building!

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