No Knife Facelift with Little or No down time?

No Knife Facelift  with Little or No down time?

By Rafael G. Magana, M.D.

his FDA approved technology seems to be taking over the world of aesthetics, even though the idea and technology have been around for much longer. Of the fast and non-invasive solutions to natural appearing facial rejuvenation, it has a merit that must be recognized. It actually works! In fact, we in the plastic surgery community haven't seen anything like this since we were wowed by the effects of Ablative Fraxel LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) on skin contraction with collagen formation and skin rejuvenation. The results were and are frankly impressive, but with trade offs, namely… some pain, discomfort and a few days of downtime.

The new technique I have mentioned is based on Ultrasound energy (Ulthera) not LASER. Not only is the functional principle fascinating from the scientific point of view, but also, it genuinely creates a facelift that looks natural. How does it do this you may ask? In a nutshell, it delivers energy under direct visualization with ultrasound to the different layers of the face and neck. It does so by targeting tiny intermittent rows of tissue to which it delivers the energy. This energy denatures (unravels) the local flaccid collagen leaving small bridges of normal tissue. The tissues then contracts through the formation of new collagen (Neo Collagen formation), which is better-aligned giving tension to the muscle, subcutaneous tissues and Skin (all three layers targeted separately).

This is what a young face normally possesses, "aligned and full tissues – tensile strength that has not yet given in to our enemy, the combination of gravity and tissue laxity. Collagen formation is a thing of wonder and a term that is overused in the beauty and cosmetic industry without really defining mechanisms or degree of collagen formation

An Ultrasound facelift however, is the real deal. It creates new collagen in different layers and contracts flaccid tissues; this is why it is so effective. No other technology does this in the three layers I mentioned. When applied with experienced hands, it gives a dramatic initial result that continues to progress with time (months) as collagen continues to form over the entire year following the procedure. It does not have the stigmata of a traditional surgical facelift. It does not require Anesthesia and may be done in the office. It can even be used in areas such as the lower eyelid and the décolletage. Arguably, it is superior to FRAXEL LASER because of less downtime, less discomfort and progressive contraction of multiple layers of tissue also with new collagen formation.

Another very appealing feature about this technology is that people will start to notice it and not quite be able to "put their finger" on what the secret is, because it progresses with time and changes become visible in days. This is gold, because as the new collagen forms and creates contraction of the flaccid tissues, it is like having ongoing facial rejuvenation that looks better and better over the subsequent weeks and persists.
My practice uses ultrasound facelifts as a part of its armamentarium to defy the stigma of age in a way that appears natural and gives a pleasant and radiant appearance with more defined and youthful facial features. It is a welcome addition and one that is a stand-alone technology that I use in combination with other technologies for truly remarkable results.

Ultrasound (Ulthera) facelifts and combination treatments are already available at "facelift ultra" on Park Avenue and are applied exclusively by a plastic surgeon.

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