Perfection in Simplicity

Perfection in Simplicity

By Hillary Latos

We have a lot to thank the Greeks for, our language, architecture, astrology, philosophy, the Olympics, and most notably their cuisine. Though the pillars of Western civilization can be attributed to the Greeks, little has changed in their culture, after all why alter perfection and the same can be said with their food. At the core of their Mediterranean cuisine is olive oil with dishes flavored by olives, lemon, and capers proving that in a complicated world there is perfection in simplicity as long as it is executed well. Recreating the feeling of the crystal azure waters of the Greek islands, Limani captures the elegance and energy of a Mykonos hotspot serving traditionally prepared fresh seafood of an authentic Greek taverna in the heart of Rockefeller Center.

The sprawling and dramatic 8000 square foot space has an airy and summery feel created by soft blue lighting and diaphanous curtains draping white banquettes that surround a blue reflection pool which embodies the spirit of the Santorini landscape. Your waiter will guide you through the fresh catches of the day which are divided by stateside and Mediterranean and are sold whole and by the pound. Specialties range from the rare to the more well known species such as St Pierre, Fagri, Loup de Mer, Scorpion, Scottish Langoustines, and Lithrini which are imported from Europe as well as American varieties such as Black Sea Bass, Pompano, and Red Snapper.

Everything is prepared to your liking in different traditional ways such as grilled and dressed with capers and olives, baked in a salt crust or simply served sashimi style. Drawing on the Greek tradition of meze, every dish is served family style with a plethora of sides. A specialty of the house is the tender grilled sashimi quality octopus that is ladled with flavor. Complement your meal with some traditional meze such as the grilled sardines, stuffed calamari, traditional Greek salad, Kolokithi- paper thin crispy zucchini chips with kefalograviera cheese and tzatziki, Horta- a mix of dandelion, escarole, and red white and gold Swiss chard, and of course traditional potatoes dressed with shallots, oregano and olive oil. Meat dishes are also exquisite with a choice of dry aged cuts such as the Cowboy Steak, veal chops, filet mignon and lamb chops. To ensure an authentic experience, Limani offers a vast selection of lesser known Greek wines ranging from dry whites and roses to full bodied reds.

For an escape from the wintry concrete jungle to the warmth of the Greek isles, Limani is the perfect cure for a quick romantic getaway.

45 Rockefeller Plaza
NY NY 10011

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