Tour in Style with Insight Vacations

Tour in Style with Insight Vacations

By W. A. Muller

See the world through a carefully curated eye, which is what Insight Vacations aims to do. By combining a world of luxury that goes beyond the tourist attractions in each city, an Insight Gold Luxury vacation offers a unique itinerary that will take you into the heart of destination and provide you with an unforgettable experience as you immerse yourself in the culture and rhythms of the destination's daily life. Prepare to be treated like royalty with a hassle free experience where every aspect of travelling is taken care of for you from the time you depart the plane until the time you board to return home. These all inclusive escorted trips are limited to a small group where everything from the luxury accommodations to the tours, activities and dining are included. Choose from historical and exotic destinations such as Rustic Italy, Majestic Europe, Iberian Spain, Hawaii, Egypt or Asia and India. Representing their Exotics and Gold collection is Bollywood actress and philanthropist Lisa Ray. Starting her illustrious career as a model, Lisa has been travelling the world since she was 16 and living bi continentally giving her a unique perspective on the world of travel. Here Resident speaks to her in her role as Insight's Global Ambassador.

Tell us about your role as Insight's Global Ambassador.
Travel is a very natural extension of who I am and what I do. I've been travelling since I was 16. Secondly, India is a passion of mine. There really isn't a great understanding here in North America of what modern India is like and has to offer as a tourist. India is an extraordinary country and hasn't been promoted by the government very well. It's an alternative reality. As the world is becoming more and more homogenous, India is one of those places that still stands on its own.

Why take an Insight tour?
Insight has small curated luxury tours such as the Signature Experience which is extending beyond the usual tourist circuit. Beyond the palaces and tourist attractions, you would go to see small villages and encounter real people. The logistics are so seamless and you don't have any anxiety where you can enhance your experience by fully immersing yourself in the moment. It's a combination of luxury and authenticity. The groups are up to 30 people.

The great thing about travelling to India is that you learn about yourself. It's not just about observing the external. You step outside yourself and reflect on why you are acting a certain way. India is life in all its rawness. There is a raw honesty about it, nothing is hidden from sight. You can cushion yourself away from the street life, but why would you.

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