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A Peek Into Alex Garcia’s Kitchen on Columbus

A Peek Into Alex Garcia’s Kitchen on Columbus

By W. A. Muller

A.G. Kitchen is the perfect spot to experience some Latin flavor in New York’s Midtown West. A native of Cuba, Chef Alex Garcia learned to appreciate the simplicity of ingredients and wanted to bring his interpretation of Latin cuisine to New York City. Located on 72nd Street and Columbus, the space carefully separated into distinctive sections. Grab a cocktail with a friend at the bar, fill up a booth with friends, or eat a romantic dinner
for two. As you enter, you are enveloped by a welcoming vibe. Colorful walls, industrial antique ceiling fans, dining areas split by shelves boasting colored glass and other curios, warm tunes coming from the speakers, all brings a kind Cuban tone to the dining experience. AG Chicken 002

Start off with one of their carefully selected cocktails, and you will be in for a genuine treat. Very well balanced, neither too sweet nor too sharp in taste and aroma, you’ll see and taste what a good cocktail should taste like. To get the full Latin experience why not start off with something simple like the Cuban sidecar. This classic recipe is simple, yet delicious, consisting of rum, triple sec, and lime mixed together in perfect proportions. Sticking to the same motif, try the AG 1940 Sparkling Mojito, where the triple sec is replaced with cava, and mint is added for a refreshing tang.

While trying to decide which among the many entrée options you want to try, order the freshly made AG Guacamole Trio, and you will not be disappointed. If you are looking for more zest, make sure to ask for the spicy version. The fresh taste of the guacamole will get you hungry for more, so perhaps it would be good to also order the seafood ceviche. Prepared to the finest pinnacle of quality, this will stave off the hunger pangs momentarily while your entrée is being prepared. AG Chicken 001

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The dinner is not a hard choice to make as you can basically choose anything from the great menu and you will be satisfied. The entrees consist of Burgers, Brazilian style Roasted Chicken, Surf and Turf combinations, as well as a selection of Latino classics. Try what A.G. Kitchen calls the NYC’s Best Cubano and judge for yourself. Served with a side of French fries, it is a great deal consisting of roast pork, black forest ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard on baked pull apart potato bread in the style of a Medianoche sandwich. If you want to go for something more special, try a Garcia’s Seafood “Paella” or a Cuban Classic For Two. One thing for sure is that you cannot go wrong with one of their burgers, and there is a wide variety to choose from. When you are done enjoying your main course, try their milkshake, an apple pie a la mode or a hot chocolate brownie (but take a minute to rest while it cools, it is served HOT).
A.G. Kitchen
269 Columbus Ave
NY, NY 10023

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