Healthier, Happier Living

Healthier, Happier Living

By Pamela Jacobs

When you're responsible for the health and wellbeing of countless private patients, elementary school kids, and athletes throughout Manhattan, Connecticut, and New Jersey, you're kept more than a little busy. Add the diet and nutritional needs of the New York Jets into the mix, and it's amazing Glen Tobias finds any time to sleep.

As a registered dietitian with an extensive educational and professional background in the field, Tobias is highly sought-after—hence the busy schedule. As one who is truly passionate about thework, and about educating people in the process, it's no wonder he's become the go-to good-health-guy.

Tobias' interest in nutrition began at a young age; as the son of a chef, the importance of food was instilled early. He went on to study pre-med at Rutgers. But after an elective course in nutrition, he changed direction and decided to pursue a Master's degree in Clinical Nutrition at NYU, after which a specialty in sports soon followed.

The natural progression led to Tobias founding the e3 Weight Management System, following countless years with clients, leading them away from the misguidance of the Internet and toward knowledge and facts.

On the program and its structure, Tobias says "It's eating, it's exercising, and it's education." It sounds simple, of course—and feels that way—but it's backed by a 20+ year career and an incomparable reputation in the industry.

This reputation has been noticed by more than a few people over the years. For instance, the father of a patient who, as it turned out, was an esteemed spinal surgeon, and upon meeting Tobias, asked him to join his team. The result was Tobias' partnership with Manhattan Sports Medicine and the Spinal Care Institute at the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Then there's his work as nutritionist for the Yale athletic department, his assistance with MMA fighters, and the NFL.

On his past (and ongoing) three years with the NY Jets, Tobias says, "There are only 32 football teams in the country, so being one of 32 of anything is pretty cool."

Whether he's making the world's best athletes better, speaking at the Athletic Trainers' Society of New Jersey's annual conference, or helping a mother bring better health to her children, Tobias' main goal is to make healthful living more understandable, accessible, and personal. He designs meal plans based on individual needs and ends the all-too-common cycle of diet fatigue and failure.

More than giving people a sense of direction and imparting in them a healthy approach to eating, Tobias provides his clients with a better quality of life. He calls himself "lucky," getting to do this every day—but it seems as if the truly lucky ones are those whose life has been changed because of him.

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