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Using Feng Shui to Reset & Harmonize Relationships

Using Feng Shui to Reset & Harmonize Relationships

By Master Pun-Yin

Timing is everything, especially when making efforts to improve and reset your relationships. By leveraging authentic Feng Shui principles, the seasonal intervals in a lunar cycle, and the Five Elements Personality Profiles, you can achieve this and even nurture relationships.


The true essence of Feng Shui is balancing the Yin Yang Theory and the influence of the Five Elements on personality and location. These Five Elements are water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

According to the lunar calculation, the first half of summer, which commences May 6th and ends June 5th, reset momentum using the Yin nurturing style balances, as the Yang Chi of vibrancy blooms. During this auspicious timeframe, using affection, sensitivity, and kindness to create a new middle ground for increasing harmony with love ones can also bring you inner peace and balance. The cleansing properties of Yin energy can neutralize the Yang force that may be too intense, aggressive and confrontational. With holidays like Mother’s Day and graduation season around the corner, this is the perfect time to practice the principles of Feng Shui and extend the olive branch throughout the family.

Authentic Feng Shui experts trained from the classical system are able to create customized strategies for resetting and harmonizing personal relationships and balance. These strategies are based on the Five Elements Composition personality profile of your loved ones that is calculated by the birth year, month, date, Rising Sign time and birth city. The below are a few suggestions on how to begin this process. I suggest trying one or two of these recommendations to start:
– Promote peace through travel: Whether you are gifting someone with a trip or traveling alongside, select vacation spots that are harmonious with your loved one’s Five Elements Personality style.

– Cleanse the home of tired and heavy energy: Apply Feng Shui principles customized to the residents’ energies and the earth energy by placing design elements at the meridian positions.

– Strengthen parent-to-child relationships: Allocate funds for education and summer camps or take your grandchildren on a vacation so that your children can have a break. They will appreciate your generosity and the temporary stress relief you have provided.

– Foster appreciation and loyalty in your professional life: Offer a monetary gift to the children of your coworkers who are graduating from school.

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– Balance your own energy through nature: Pamper your spirit to foster a sense of inner peace through outdoor activities customized to your Five Elements energy.

While you try to cultivate these more joyous alliances in your life, always approach relationships from the heart—especially during this time of renewal. The positive energy will ultimately benefit your mind, body, and soul to help you achieve your goals and bring inner balance.

Peace emanates from within!

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