Hamptons Salt Company Wants You to Start a New Affair This Summer

Hamptons Salt Company Wants You to Start a New Affair This Summer

By Peter Elston

Salt is an essential nutrient, flavoring ingredient for cooking world-wide and yet has a much maligned reputation. Due largely to the industrial preparation of salt using chemical compounds, it has become a target for doctors concerned with the use of processed salt in industrialized food production.

All this causes us to forget just how wonderful naturally raw, infused or smoked salts can be to enhance and subtly change the flavor of our favorite summer dishes. Peter Pierce of Hamptons Salt Company is on a mission to change our minds and educate our taste buds as to just how good naturally produced flavored salt can be.

The Raw salt range consists of a diverse array of naturally produced salts including Hawaiian, Atlantic, Himalayan, French Fleur de Sel to our classic Cooking Salt. Infused salts offer the possibility of enhancing a dish with a subtle flavoring from a range encompassing distinctive Black Truffle, to fiery Ghost Pepper to subtle Lemon and even Espresso for the coffee lover.

Smoked salts offer connoisseurs a unique set of aromas – try the exquisite Smoked Mesquite for example. Not sure where to start ? Why not enjoy or provide a host with a gift box containing a specially curated set
of salts for the Bartender, Globe Trotter or even the Grill Master to name a few.

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