Is Your Smile Summer-Ready?

Is Your Smile Summer-Ready?

By Dr. Irene Grafman

By Dr. Irene Grafman

It seems the winter is finally gone, and the hot, sunny days are here to stay. As the days get warmer, we have a revelation: Bathing suit season is coming! It's time to buckle down and get ourselves ready for a full reveal.

While we expose our bodies to the world for the four months of summer, our smiles are exposed for the entire year. So when you are going in for those small nips and tucks, spray tans, and sun-kissed highlights, don't forget about your smile.

One trick of the trade that will make your smile stand out is bright white teeth. When you have a nice tan, you will notice your teeth will appear even brighter. Bright reds and pinks on your lips will also deceive the eye into thinking the teeth are whiter than they are. But what happens when you come out of the pool and the reds have washed away? Whitening is one of my favorite procedures because the results—with the right products—can be dramatic. The procedure is easy, so even the most fearful person will look forward to it.

Once you have that big white smile, you just may find yourself attracting that special someone. When that happens, make sure your breath is ready. Many products temporarily mask bad breath, but due to high alcohol content, they will actually dry out your mouth, allowing bacteria that causes bad breath to multiply.

Therefore, always look for mouth rinses that don't contain alcohol. Ask your dentist to recommend a good product. Many of the best products for bad breath that prevent cavities and gum disease are distributed through dental offices. A diet full of fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens, yogurt, parsley, basil, ginger, and fennel can also combat bacteria in the mouth and help keep your breath fresh. Most importantly, making time to get a good night's sleep will help reduce puffiness and give you a radiant glow.

Hopefully this will be the summer of your life—so make sure you are ready to show off that beautiful, white, healthy smile.


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