Set off Fireworks with your Smile

Set off Fireworks with your Smile

By Dr. Irene Grafman

By Dr. Irene Grafman

The sun is out, the weather is warm–it's the time of year that puts a smile on everyone's face.  We start getting invites to more BBQ's and parties than we have outfits for.  We look forward to long weekends away at the Hamptons, the Cape, and other amazing local getaways.   Summer is finally here!   

As you walk into what may be the∫ it∫ event of the summer, the first thing you see is the one person you know who has the smile you've always wanted.  It's the perfect smile: White, straight, never seems to stain no matter how much coffee or red wine they drink.  It seems to brighten up the face and gives that glow that you can't turn away from.  You've always wondered how they can be so lucky to have such a gorgeous smile.

There are the very rare but lucky ones who have those perfect pearly whites, but for most of us they do require some work and effort on our part.  Many had to wear braces to get them looking straight, others had teeth whitening and are now having to maintain the white.  But the smiles that always seem perfect are usually the ones with porcelain veneers.   

Using porcelain veneers, we can really give you the smile of your dreams. Using veneers can straighten and correct the shape of the teeth, whiten the color, and improve the aspect that creates the biggest impact–which is to widen the smile.  A wider smile balances and complements the face.   By creating a look that is natural and customized to each individual, anyone can have that perfect smile.

A gorgeous smile gives you confidence that radiates and demands attention.  At the next event, yours could be the smile everyone dreams of!

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