modern loft with open window
modern loft with open window

How Clearing Your Home Makes Room for Good Energy to Come

By Feng Shui Master Pun-Yin.

Most people make time to refresh their technical devices to ensure they can run smoothly, yet not nearly as many give as much priority to refreshing the energy in their own homes; this is actually the core to general wellbeing.

October is the perfect window of opportunity for people to catch up on the "musts" in their lives. While thinking about the allocation of funds for the holiday months ahead, it's also a good time to choose the donations and charity work that are close to your heart. Be mindful of reciprocating, which is good karma for you and your loved ones.

During this time of the year, when people spend more time at home, it is advantageous to fix the core energy by clearing out old things from your home while also thinking about how to give back. By recycling possessions you no longer want or need (which can perhaps even be tax-deductible), you're doing away with your old, while providing someone else with something new.

Also important to keep in mind: Energy (Chi) in each room needs to be circulated periodically through open windows, in addition to making sure that the sunlight can enter as much as possible during the course of the year. The anatomy of a home is much like that of the human body, with pores that should not be blocked. According to Feng Shui, a home that lacks circulating air is often associated with people who have stagnation in their lives; we need oxygen in order for our bodies and minds to function well.

This means clearing things we no longer need or feel attached to, making our space feel lighter. Our mind and spirit will respond accordingly. Very often, people who unload objects feel a surge of creative and intellectual energy following this material cleanse. Start unloading objects from past relationships that brought you stress, or objects you accumulated from a challenging time in your life.

Along the concept of eliminating "old and heavy energy," it is a good idea to change your bedding periodically. It could be just the sheets and pillowcases, slightly altering the color scheme or the feel of the space.

Finally, based on the situation of things in the cycle you are wrapping up, an authentic Feng Shui consultant can identify the energy vibration of you and your space, and can then give you specific recommendations. This includes using certain timing, music, and routines that can balance and recharge your energy. The ultimate energy solution in your space is unique, just like you are. Therefore, handle it with care.

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